Time and windows xp Pro

  steven_frost 08:56 25 Jun 2003

Has anyone ordered a pc from time and requested to windows XP Pro installed i'm speaking to them and via email and requested for windows Xp to be installed and i qoute "We can provide the XP Pro preinstalled for you at £149 inc vat, this does
not include the cd's" so whats the £149 for

  bremner 09:20 25 Jun 2003

The price difference between non oem copies of XP & XP Pro is around £75.

Assuming a similar differential in OEM prices you are therefore paying something in the region of £75 for Time to do the install.

  steven_frost 09:26 25 Jun 2003

i can understand that but i'm not getting the disc so for the price i'm just getting installed xp pro and no disk which works out nearly double the price

  woody 11:28 25 Jun 2003

And can you use it if you change/upgrade large bits of the new comp?

  Time Group - Chris 12:21 25 Jun 2003

If anyone has any questions on the issues raised here please drop me a mail - [email protected]

- Tech support is charged at national rate for over 85% of our customers who choose a support package.
- Delivery is £49.99 which is Industry standard. Only a minority of companies charge under £40 nowadays.
- Time upgrades are competitively priced and our customers have the choice to upgrade with us or use another third party.
- We have databases of thousands of customers who would definetely buy a Time machine again.
- The RTB warranty should be a minimum of 3-5 days. There is no garantee that on-site would be able to fix a problem on the spot anyway.

Just trying to point out that Time is no different than any other vendor - we are all competitive but in different areas. We offer better prices for the specs whereas other companies will offer things like on-site support.

That's no reason to 'beaware'of us. We are the UK's leading manufacturer of PCs and we don't get there unless we are doing something right.

Cheers - Chris

  steven_frost 14:00 25 Jun 2003

I'm still waiting for an email back from their sales dept i've also just emailed chris to see what is said i am some what worried about the delay of the replys to my emails to be honest i'm only getting a pc from the as their cheap the tec support and the like are not important to me as most things i can sort out i'll keep you all posted about what is said and what i'm really getting for my 149 pounds

  Rayuk 18:22 25 Jun 2003

You can purchase an oem copy of XP Pro for about £110-125 with the cd so £149 for installation and no cd seems a little expensive.
Can you not buy it without an OS then buy an oem copy or do Time not sell them this way.

  rev.bem 23:29 25 Jun 2003

I have just bought a cofigure your own base unit from Micom

click here

price included a one year collect and return warranty (no premium rate phone numbers) o/s of your choice loaded and disc supplied,according to my calculations XP pro is £109.23 and delivery £17.62 inc vat.

  british bulldog 23:18 28 Jun 2003


  Forum Editor 23:43 28 Jun 2003

It contained posts that are obviously motivated by spite, and I've deleted several of those. We will not tolerate vendettas in the forum, neither will we allow anyone to incite others to boycott a company, based on their personal experiences - it's up to each of us to make up our own minds about who we buy from, based on our own judgements about a company.

Several posts contained potentially libellous statements, and these have been deleted. We will delete such posts without explanation or warning, and will not discuss our decision under any circumstances. Our decision about what may be a libellous statement is final.

I suggest that you allow the company and steven_frost to settle this between themselves - no doubt you'll post a new thread to let us know the outcome in due course Steven?

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