Time to upgrade

  square eyes 23:35 25 Dec 2009

HI all, great to see this site still busy, this place has helped me fix many problems.

I have tried reading other threads but as all our needs and circumstances are different, i hope you dont mind giving me some advice.

In 2002 i bought a mesh computer, asus a7v333, athlon 2100xp. I have upgraded graphics to a radeon 9600 and some extra ram. I like my pc action games, so i need to bare that in mind.
I bought an internal 250 gig HDD about 18 months ago and i still have my original creative 5.1 surround sound and the tower is pretty big too.

I cant play the latest games anymore due to processor and graphics and my pc is quite slow now, so i have no choice but to go through with an upgrade.

I "think" im happy to keep with the existing HDD's and sound card so i wasnt really looking for a complete unit.

What would be the best way of going about this?
Do i need better than creative 5.1 soundblaster?
Do i need a new tower?
Im happy with my monitor, kb and mouse so its really only MB, cpu and graphics that i need to upgrade. I would like to continue to use radeon graphics, asus MB and athlon cpu.

Sorry for the messy post, but can anyone recommend good but inexpensive bundles? I would go back to MESH, but after the service i had from them in 2002, (see my posts) im nervous of that now.

Thanks for any tips..cheers

  square eyes 23:45 25 Dec 2009

I forgot to mention that i didnt really want to spend any more than £400. Thanks

  961 11:06 26 Dec 2009

I'd take the opportunity to upgrade the hard drives, certainly the original 2002 job. All mechanical hardware has a limited life. Drives are cheap now and while we all have old ones anything over 5 years is worth replacing in view of the trouble if they go awol

  AL47 14:38 26 Dec 2009

games.. new comp required

  GaT7 19:10 26 Dec 2009

As AL47 suggests, a new PC is a must.

The latest games will need a good graphics card paired with reasonably good dual-core CPU & RAM. The best AGP graphics card currently is a HD4670, but its not going to be any good with a poor single-core CPU & older DDR RAM. And you'll need a PSU upgraded as well.

£400 will not get you very far unless you can pick up something suitable secondhand. £500 is a more realistic figure - have a look in this related thread click here as an example of what you can get for your money. G

  GaT7 19:35 26 Dec 2009

I know you said no Mesh PCs, but this pair will do nicely for £375-450 click here & click here. The included HD4850 GPU is about the best you can expect for the price. G

  square eyes 22:04 26 Dec 2009

Thanks alot. I suppose i could use Mesh again. They are so good on price and hardware, but their after-sales sucks. That was 7 years ago, so im not assuming they are still the same.

The first link you gave looks perfect. Did you say the HD4850 is the best? Im not looking for the best, just a worthy upgrade to last me a few years without probs. I still cant believe the price of that!

Stupid question, but is a motherboard and soundcard included? Or is the sound integrated on Mobo?

So, i think all i would need to add to that is a new PSU and im done?

Cheers for you help

  square eyes 22:07 26 Dec 2009

What do i do with my old tower and outdated hardware? Sell it for 50 quid or send it to the rubbish tip?

  GaT7 22:24 26 Dec 2009

The H4850 is about the best you'll get for your budget (the best graphics card costs £350-400 alone!).

"I still cant believe the price of that!" - are you saying it's too much, or too little?

Yes, the motherboard will have integrated sound.

"So, i think all i would need to add to that is a new PSU and im done?" - No, it (click here) will have a good enough PSU. Although, if you upgrade the graphics card in the future, you may need to upgrade the PSU as well.

Regarding the old system, consider retaining the 250Gb hard drive as a backup - internally (if it fits), or externally by getting a USB caddy for it (IDE click here / SATA click here). Or, if selling/giving away the PC, securely wipe the hard drive with Eraser click here. You could also consider keeping your first PC as a secondary system in case the main system goes down. If giving away, offering it on FreeCycle click here could be an option. The landfill has enough to contend with & one less PC has got to be beneficial! G

  square eyes 22:46 26 Dec 2009

""I still cant believe the price of that!" - are you saying it's too much, or too little?"

No, im saying that price is excellent!
About the PSU, it did not state the power supply, but i wont take up anymore of your time as you have pointed me in the right direction and i am very gratefull.

  GaT7 22:55 26 Dec 2009

Unfortunately, some readymade PCs don't state the PSU make & model. Don't think it'll be anything too fancy, but will be good enough for the spec.

Yes, it is a good price indeed. If DDR2 RAM didn't double in price recently, it may have been ~£25 lower.

All the best with whichever you decide to go for, & enjoy the gaming. G

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