Time and Tiny Computers a Civil War?

  britianicus 09:57 09 May 2003

I've now had two phone calls from sales reps at Time computers. The last one who called yesterday sales pitch went along the lines that they had got my details as I had bought a PC from Tiny 3 years ago. He then went along to say that Time computers had found that alot on machines bought from Tiny were found to be badly made and prone to packing up and would I like to upgrade my machine to one from Time?!!!! (I had bought a P3 650mhz from Tiny.) I said no as I have a 1.8gig Athlon etc. He then went on to say that they could upgrade my 1.8 to a 2.2gig Athlon for only £699! After that I kept saying no followed by the termination of the call.
Now I would probably never buy a PC from Time anyway but I was very supprised that their sales pitch allows them to slag of another division of the company to such an extent. Anyone else experienced the same?

  Rayuk 10:05 09 May 2003

They are actually slagging off Tiny from the time they were a different company.

  IanNiblock 10:20 09 May 2003

I had a similar call about a month ago offering me a new system, but the sales rep was very pleasant. He asked if I would be interested in a new/upgraded system, I said no thank you to which he responded "OK then, thank you for your time", the call then ended.

I know that the customer service/sales departments of any large company have massive effects on the reputation of that company, and the Time rep (Chris Woolford) on this forum will understandably point out that all of his employees are 100% professional but I also believe that it is a little harsh to tarnish a whole company with a bad reputation because of mistakes made by a small number of employees.

I have had a number of dealings with Time over the past few years and have yet to have any problems. Unfortunately, in companies as large as Time, there will ALWAYS be employees who do not always give 100%. I would suggest that if anybody does come across a company representative who is hurting the reputation of that company in a serious way then take their name and make a complaint?

  MungoJerry 04:30 19 Oct 2003

I agree with IanNiblock, a friend of mine who bought a Time machine had a call a lot like what britianicus discribes however he complained in writing to them with the details of the call, a couple of weeks later some one called again from time to thank him for writing in. the second caller sorted out his problem, did not attempt to sell him anything, and thanked him for the complaint, he said pretty much what Ian said above that if people dont inform them of this sort of thing they have a hard time ensuring that they can improve the service that they are giving. they went up in my opinion just from that call

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