Time PC problems....go on and on.....

  S.A.W 20:48 24 Mar 2004

Having had 6 months of problems with new time pc (£899) it was finally taken back (again) for inspection. A phone call from customer liaison told me I was right and there were faults with the pc and it would be replaced with a free upgrade (DVD rwr) I asked if they would back up work on pc as had left course work on original pc (not expecting a new one!!)I was assured this was a simple process and pc technician would transfer all work from one hard drive to the other...not a difficult process I was told. Great!! New pc arrives and guess what....no work. It was all gone, lost! Had to spend nearly one and a half hours over the phone with pc technician to disable the supanet that the pc came ready for, and to go through other problems. PC now seems to be running ok but all work from last pc lost.
This surely isnt normal practice when getting a new pc. Last 6 months have been a pain. Now asking Time what they intend to do about latest catastrophe, oh and the wireless keyboard I have just been sent doesnt work either?????

  Forum Editor 23:32 24 Mar 2004

a simple matter to transfer all your data from one drive to the other, and as you were promised this would be done I'm not surprised that you're a bit put out - I would be pretty upset myself.

With the clarity of hindsight I'm sure you can now see the sense in backing up all your data files before you send any computer away for repair, no matter how trivial the problem might be. Most computer companies state somewhere in their terms and conditions that they cannot be liable for the data that's on machines sent back for repair.

The fact that you specifically asked for the files to be transferred, and that the company assured you they would do it raises an interesting question - are they now liable to compensate you for the loss of your data resulting from their negligence in failing to fulfil their promise? I'm no lawyer,and I'm not inciting you to litigate but you might feel it's worth following up with someone who is qualified to advise you.

The matter would probably hinge around whether you acted correctly in failing to back up your data, especially as the files were obviously of some value to you, and whether you were right to 'rely' on the promise made by Time, and what, if any, tangible loss you have sustained as a result of the loss of the files. The fact that you would have to spend a considerable amount of time recreating the work may have a bearing, but you'll need to get some professional advice.

All this may be unnecessary if Time respond as you would wish them to. Let us know what happens would you?

  S.A.W 15:28 16 Apr 2004

Still waiting on an outcome....will let you know

  S.A.W 15:59 29 Apr 2004

was sent 25 CD r's and 2 HP ink cartridges as compensation

  Forum Editor 19:32 29 Apr 2004

In the circumstances I suppose that a gesture of goodwill is better than nothing at all.

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