Time laptop problems continue...

  Inigo 17:23 10 Mar 2004

Hi all,

I'm not having much luck with my time laptop. :( See
click here for the previous problem. As a quick synopsis:

- Bought original laptop Sept. 2002
- Graphics chip dies Dec. 2002 (2 weeks downtime)
- Power switch dies April 2003 (2 weeks downtime)
- Laptop starts ticking. November 2003. First fix: buy a new battery; cost to me £100. Didn't work. Gets sent back; lost in the post. 5 weeks later, Time admits that it has been lost and sends me a new laptop. Battery now no longer fits into the new laptop. Useful.

And now:

- New laptop refuses to come out of standby. December 2003. (It had this problem from the start; found out a short time after the previous post here). First fix: restore Windows. Didn't work.
- I can't remember what happened here exactly. It was a busy time of year for me, what with christmas, exams, a new website deal, ... But Jan 2004: they decide that the standby problem is a known issue. Say they're going to send out a floppy drive to wipe the BIOS.
- Feb 2004: still waiting. Phoned twice; both times was assured that the disk was en route. Also: managed to conince them to replace the battery I bought for the old laptop with one for the new laptop. This involved a lot of convincing them.
- Begining of March 2004: phone again; floppy disk is still in the queue to be sent out. They finally send it out, and it got to me today.
- Today: I put the disk into the laptop. "Unknown chip set". One of the people I'd talked to had assumed the problem was with the original machine, and sent out the fix for the standby issue with that one. Very useful. Back on the phone I go, and it now appears that the laptop will have to go back to be looked at. Expected duration: 2 weeks.

So, after all that, I'm going to have to send the laptop back /again/ for another two weeks. This means that I won't have had the laptop for a total of 11 weeks since I bought it in Sept 2002. And on top of that, it's been unable to go into standby for the last two months. I am not a happy bunny.

So, after that saga, my question is: can I just send the whole machine back to them, and get a partial refund? I know I'm not going to get the whole amount back, as I have owned a Time laptop for 18 months or so now (of which, 3 months it's not been here, and 2 months it's been crippled), but is a refund at the current market price out of the question?

Thanks in advance.

Mike Peel

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