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  Joe McG 19:02 08 Jul 2003

My stepfather has been looking for a cheap laptop with a half-decent spec, to use for his work.

He had it narrowed down to a £799, system from time, or an £821 system from Novatech.

Both systems had similar a spec, with the novatech model having a 60gb H/D compared to the 40gb of the time laptop.

Having phoned time he was about to close the order, when he was informed that the delivery charge would be £50. (even if he picked it up from the shop)

Needless to say, he has now ordered the novatech model, which has a grand total of £6 delivery

Is this the normal charge which time make for a laptop delivery.?

If so how can they justify it.?

They have just lost an £800 order because of this, and will i fear lose a lot more.

Has anyone else had this delivery charge,? or is this a new thing.

  Magik ®© 19:06 08 Jul 2003

most charge between £40 and £50 for delivery. both my evesham and dell did, mind you in the case of Dell it was a bit late turning up so they did not charge,

  -pops- 19:24 08 Jul 2003

Time have a presence here. Perhaps Chris would explain things for you.

  wee eddie 20:00 08 Jul 2003

Joe McG. You've just discovered one of the essential truths of life.

The price of an object is not what your are told it costs but what you end up paying.

  H-J 20:14 08 Jul 2003

If there is an additional charge which you HAVE to pay, then i see this as misleading at best.

Chris from time is on record in this forum click here as saying that they do not force people to buy things. I have disagreed with this. well this is just another example of time forcing you to buy something.


  MungoJerry 04:05 19 Oct 2003

H-J all of Times adverts have the delivery charge mentioned at the bottom of the advert, how is this false advertising if it is mentioned within the advert?
The delivery fee with Time, Evesham and many others is waved if they go out of the quoted time or if you are prepared to collect your order from their factory, some shops sell these systems cash and carry in which case you walk out of the shop with the item (no delivery charge at all)

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