nerawan 17:25 30 Jun 2004

Hi guys. One month ago I posted a question about my problem with a Time Laptop. Wating for 5 weeks. Finally I got the laptop last friday after 2 months. There were problems with some components. They even didn't tell me when it was going to be delivered and have to arrange to pick it up at the store. The guys there, were surprised they didn't send me any gift as compensantion. They said "after all that time, that's ridicule".
I think a Reload c.d. would have be nice.
I contacted Daniel Warren thx the forum but He didn't answer.
I like to know if there are more customer , who have experienced this situation.

  Totally-braindead 23:25 30 Jun 2004

Since I didn't see your last posting what you've written makes no sense at all to me, first you say you waited 5 weeks then you say 2 months, which is it and what were you waiting for, was it for a repair or for delivery? You also say you had problems with some of the components is that why you had to wait ? Why not put in a link to your posting so I can see what you're on about. Why would you expect a Reload CD and what is a Reload CD is it some sort of music program or something?

  Total Care Support 17:39 06 Jul 2004

Dear Mr Moreno (nerawan)

I am sorry that I did not reply to your posts on the forums, I felt that as I was talking directly to you via both the telephone and via emails that it was not required that I posted the history of your account and our contacts.

Following an attempted delivery to your home of your computer system, you emailed on the 22nd June asking that we alter the delivery address to that of the local store. At your request your goods were rerouted delivery to that store took place just after midday on the 24th June.

With regard to compensation, your order was dispatched to you with no gesture of goodwill this is because at that time nothing had been discussed at the time of dispatch, therefore we would not include anything with the system, to ensure we do not send you something that you do not require.

I have attempted to contact you again by telephone to discuss this further but to no avail. If you would like as you suggest above a goodwill gesture of a reload CD I can arrange for one to be sent to you.

Please contact me again at [email protected].

Daniel Warren
Time Computers

  pj123 17:52 06 Jul 2004

A one sided story doesn't always show the picture.

Thanks Daniel for showing the other side.

  jarek5000 11:26 08 Jul 2004

Last year I bought a Dell P.C. and the delivery took more than one month. Finally I got it and they upgraded the D.V.D.-Rom to a Writer. That was a good gesture because it wasn't my fault.
It looks Time is doing the same , wich should be the correct thing.

  nerawan 12:17 28 Jul 2004

This week finally I got the Reload C.D. as a present from Time.

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