Time Computers - u failed

  irob51 17:34 05 Apr 2003

After much deliberation and after a Dell and an IBM, I decided to bet on the Time NEPTUNE (PC advisor recommended). Ordered on 11/3, the 871 pounds were debited from my account on the 13/3. I was promised 10 days delivery. After 17 days - i complained - they guaranteed delivery by 4/4 - it did not happen. I complained again - nobody could tell me when it would be delivered.
If they cannot deliver on time - the whole supply chain (parts and assembly) is a mess - imposing a strain on every aspect of quality control
I called to cancel the order - the salesman refused - said its not in his remit - but the original sales person would call me back today - they did not!!! which even more reinforces my decision!
at least the 6000 employees in my company will be aware of this.

Im surprised, you have not been reading the advice given in these threads

  irob51 22:15 05 Apr 2003

At least I caught it in time. The message needs to be clearer!

  Gaz 25 23:12 05 Apr 2003

Ordered a top-of-the-range PC at a cool price, ordered it, tried to sell support pack.

Ok, waited, delivered (On time, this time)then set-it-up and nothing happened, tried different plugs and cable, fuse, switches, etc.

Phoned £1 a min tech support, told to do what I had just done...

Phoned back, Told me to try toggling the switch, telling me it had three positions, well it only has two, and did not work anyway.


Phoned for a brand new system, they refused and ordered a repair only. So we arranged a return which they were not happy about, and prommised all our phone expenditure to be refunded.

Ok, but I had to wait 20 days for the system so I refused and wanted a refund, and the support did not seam to be as helpful as they should, so I sent it back.

They put the money back in (18 days later) and then we wanted a refund for all the phone calls, they refused. So I phoned and asked for the manager, they refused for me to talk to the , manager, they then started to be a little rude and tell me to not phone them, it is not there problem I have had to phone (When it was) they said it passed QC so it works, but it just would not boot up. The person on support then put the phone down.

Then I sent a letter to the manager, no reply in I think a year now.

So I just decided to build myself, now running my own small computer company.

Sorry you have had problems too.

  Azzy 00:20 06 Apr 2003

I have a similar problem with time as I ordered a Time Jupiter 2600+ from them on 17/01/2003 and it didn't turn up so we had to go and pick it up from the Depo and neither the delivery company or Time could tell me why. Anyway I got it home and looked at the price sheet and realised that they had put the GOld Cover on it for £400 which was no big deal as I believed that all I had to do was ring time up and cancel it, it was here that problems became appearing as my "sales representative" was reluctant to remove it by saying that he has had many customers ringing up saying that they want to have the cover after they had bought the PC. After several hours of contacting time (Including some very hostile phone calls) they finally agreed to release me from paying for the cover they also gave me longer time to pay it without interest which is a concellation. All I can say is that all that money I saved from buying it direct from time and not from retailers or more expensive brands I had payed out on phone calls etc.

Also if you do get a time computer make sure that you get a full version of software not just a backup CD which they also tried to charge me £60 for!

  simonp1 08:22 06 Apr 2003

contact this guy from time.


Good Luck

  Brian-336451 09:51 06 Apr 2003

I maintain my friend's computer as he knows less than ME!

To him, I am the oracle (daunting as that is) and, when he wanted to buy a new computer I suggested that, amongst others, he look at the Time Neptune.

He opted to go for this and they promised delivery within 28 days, on day 27 he rang me up and sounded very 'rattled' because he'd contacted Time and they seemed very vague.

Next day the consignment arrived, all in good shape and I helped him piece it together and get it up and running.

Getting it running was not the easiest thing in the world because it took several attempts to get it to recognise for example the PCI modem, the printer and so on.

However, with a little soul-searching, head scratching etc it is now up and running and he and his wife are delighted.

It is my assessment (for what its worth) that he has a lot of computer for not SO much money.

We are all grown-ups and if WE want EVERYTHING for NOTHING, then we are in for disappointment. Looking at the components in his box, I couldn't buy them for the total price he paid, let alone pay someone to build it (I had offered to build him one but it would have been MORE expensive).

I dread to think what Time's profit margin is, it must be wafer thin. Considering how many computers they shift - just LOOK at the specs, they are bound to have some glitches and with not much profit, backup WILL be thin-on-the-ground.

I understand about economies of scale but I also believe that we consumers do have unrealistic expectations from time to time (no pun intended).

I am certainly NOT saying that the above comments are invalid, I am saying that Musron's comment only reflects the people that have had 1. problems and 2. commented here about them. Its not the whole picture.

I just felt that we need a little balance. I am impressed with Time for the mass market as I believe that they give extraordinary value for money and understand why their after/before sales is not up to much - which apparently its not.

If they charged another £200 per computer, they would probably have an excellent service - but who would want to pay?

Anyway, ramble over.

  Bapou 11:46 06 Apr 2003

An interesting and very fair ramble.

  Ellie3009 17:33 06 Apr 2003

My experience with time was pretty similar.
System arrived, didnt work, sent it back, waited a month, tried being nice, tried being nasty, tried being patient, none of it worked. Spent about £20 on calls to tech support, tore out most of my hair and got very frustrated. Took about 2 and half months from order to getting a working machine.
In the end I got a good value machine, which is still slogging away 3 years on, but such appalling customer service that I wouldnt buy from them again no matter how good the deal!!

  pj123 21:34 07 Apr 2003

Come on Chris make yourself known and tell us you are going to support anyone who may buy a Time Computer in the future???

  nik69 21:45 07 Apr 2003

If they charged another £200 per computer, they would probably have an excellent service - but who would want to pay?

I paid £399 for warranty, would rather of spent it on the machine for decent motherboard as have
had mine replaced 3 times in 3 years.
The helpline then charges £1 p.m. so I dread to think how much money AND TIME I've spent on time.
They saw me coming!!

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