Time Computers Problems (What a surprise!!!)

  cthooli 22:49 01 Jun 2003

For my 18th i decided to buy myself a nice new laptop as i was fed up of having to share the family computer. Ordering (online) was fine, deleivery on date no troubles. Once it arrived had the usual (i suppose?) troubles crashs where a lbue screen full of text flashs up for literally one second and i catch a glimpse of it saying something about a physical memory dump! but decided that wasnt a problem but a challenge and have managed to eliminate it from happening. But more recently, the laptop has physically broken. One time when i was plugging it in, i pushing it in and heard a clinch anc click. pulled the power socket back out a plastice bit had chipped off round the top, no biggy i thought so went to put it back in. However, noticed that the actualy metal pin that the plug goes around had broken back into the laptop itself and so was out of reach of the power plug. It looked like the pin was backed up by a piece of cardboard that had simple broken! probably alot more technoical than that thats what it looked like. So after many pointless mins speant on a one pound a minute line they finally managed to work out it was actually broken and i wasnt adding about 20 quid to my phone bill for nothing! At the same time i confirmed that my warrenty, the free standard one, was for three years, covered repeairs, pick up and return. They arranged a pick up and location and that all went accordingly. Then i get a phone call from them saying that the whole motherboard needed to be repleaced and the damage came under the catagory of "force of nature" and wasnt covered under the warrnety. Costing me 360 pounds in total to replace the whole motherboard! When i asked the bloke on the if it was anything that i had done he said no it was just "force of nature"! so surly that should be on the warrenty!!!! Anyway they rang on the sat before the bank holiday just gone and said the engineer would do it on the monday (bank holiday?!?!) and i would have it back before the end of the week just finsihed! Needless to say i am still awaiting its return before comlaining to as many people as i can!! Just looking for comments on it really, does anyone agree with me that it should be under warrnety if it isnt somthing that i havent done/?!?!

  Tim1964 23:54 01 Jun 2003

Quote the sales of goods act to them.."The Item must be of ' merchantable quality' " which means if you paid a fiver for it and it broke, then that's what may happen, but I guess your laptop was over £1000 so it would be reasonable for it to last more than a few weeks/days!!. Also the distance selling regs come into play (as you bought it online) and so you can reject the item for ANY reason within 7 days. As soon as it started playing up you should have rejected it straight away, it's not the customers job to fix it.

The 'legal eagles' on the site hopefully will chip in with the actual legalese you need to spout at them for a refund.

Good luck.

  Forum Editor 00:14 02 Jun 2003

that you bought this machine, but in general terms you are entitled to expect that the power socket pin will not break from its connection on the motherboard during normal use.

Forget this "force of nature" phrase - It's meaningless, and I certainly have never heard it before. I suspect that what the Time Customer service person was saying was "Force Majeure". This is a commonly used legal phrase which, literally translated means "Greater force", and is normally applied to what you and everyone else might call 'Acts of God' or other disasters beyond your control.

The pertinent fact here is that a power connector will not fail in this way in normal use, and you have every reason to expect Time to repair the fault at their expense. Failing that, you can expect a replacement machine. It's up to Time to pay for collection and delivery of the machine, and to return it to you in a fully repaired state within a 'reasonable' time.

Remind them of that, and do it in writing, by special delivery.

I'm basing these comments on my assumption that you haven't had the computer for that long a time.

  The Spires 10:52 02 Jun 2003

cthooli- 'TIME' do monitor the forum so you might get a reply on here from them. A laptop power socket shouldn't have broken the way that did, the technial reason for the breakage was probably 'Crapeano Materel' (Crap Materail).

  The Spires 10:54 02 Jun 2003

ooops Technical- Lets have it right for the gut from 'TIME' :-)

  The Spires 10:58 02 Jun 2003

Ok, I havent got my contacts in yet, so it's (Crap Material, & the GUY from TIME) & I give up. sob

  cthooli 16:49 02 Jun 2003

the laptop was purchased last september

  Gaz 25 20:31 04 Jun 2003

Laptops seam to be fragile anyway, but see what they have to say.

  Kilobyte 23:24 12 Jul 2003

cthooli - have TIME sorted out your laptop?

  MichelleC 13:46 14 Jul 2003

... I'll sure if you put up a thread in a different vein Chris from Time will help you out.

  MungoJerry 04:01 19 Oct 2003

As it has been a while since this last had a posting, the problem may have been solved by now. many high street retailers Time included have their laptops/notebooks made for them by a contract company for example FIC, MITAC, or Clevo. in many cases it is these companys that set the tolerances with which can mean the diffrence between something being repaired under warranty or classed as exessive force, if in your case it has been deamed that excessive force was used in which to push the power adaptor into the socket then it would prob lead to the situation that you are in. Notebooks are a lot more delicate that the base unit that sits under your desk, the components are smaller more expensie to make and the weight factor is a big factor in a consummers mind when buying all leading to them being made of more fragile parts. I have seen screens that have been crack by peolpe closing the screen while a biro is still in the keyboard and then they wonder why the matrix has split, also i have seen people my family included lifting a notebook from the front while the adaptor is still plugged into the back and as the back roles as they lift it you hear the sickening crack as the force of an immovable desk surface holds the adaptor in place as the pin is twisted by the lifting action, this is user abuse of delicate item. Laptops/Notebooks are a strange item most electical items that you would spend over £1000 on sit in your house or office in the place you first set them up and dont move, but a notebook is moved a lot and people get complacent about it and that is when the damage happens, how careful are you moving a mirror that cost you £10 cause you dont want to break it, yet that notebook that you have had for a few months gets slung in a bag and over your shoulder and swung about and plonked down.

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