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  Jomi 22:24 14 May 2003

Thought I'd better start a new thread instead of hijacking someone elses.
Two weeks ago I received my pc from Time computers which had been sent back for a set of upgrades. (for 500 pounds).

When it was returned my hard drive had been wiped of all my data and windows ME installed instead of XP pro.
I lost a lot of data, prorammes, drivers, photographs, downloads and the windows hot fixes and security patches.
No one ever told me that this would happen,
I know I could have backed up a lot of it, but that's always easy in retrospect.
The system frequently crashed and there was no sound.
There were no driver CDs.
I complained about this (on someone elses posting) and had a reply from Chris of time computers who asked me to e-mail my details to him, which I did.
Acouple of days later I received an e-mail from Time asking for details which I sent. Chris passed them to customer care or Time support.
Here's the ONLY communication I had from them:

Your details have been passed to me from Chris.

In your email you report you have some problems with the upgrade that was
done on your PC.

When you purchase the upgrade you would of been advised to back up your
data before the collection of your base unit. This is also explained in
your user guide.

With the upgrade package you purchased, the original operating supplied by
us would be reinstalled on your PC. Since at time of purchase this was
Windows ME. this is why the PC was installed with this operating system.
The Windows XP Pro you mentioned was not purchased from Time Computers.

Did you receive any CDs when the upgrade was returned to you?.

Also in your email, you report that you have no sound (No Sound Card). The
sound card on your PC is built onto the motherboard and will not be a
separate card. If you are not hearing any sound then please check the
System Device Manager in Control Panel (i.e. Click on start -> settings ->
control panel -> system -> device manager -> sound video game controllers)
to see if there are any sound drivers installed.

Have you still got Windows Me installed or have you reinstalled Windows XP

Also we require more information on when the PC is freezing.

No one told me that XP pro would be wiped, or advised me to back up my data I swear it! and why would I look at the users guide for an upgrade?

In the meantime I find that the 333mhz motherboard I agreed to buy is actualy 266mhz fsb so I e-mailed them about that on 11th May.
That's only three days ago I know, but it's two weeks since the pc arrived back.
People make mistakes and machines go awry, I accept that, it's all about after sales and support now...hope it gets a bit better soon.

  jojo_1 22:32 14 May 2003

Send your keyboard back , it seems the 'fullstop' key keeps sticking.

  Jomi 22:48 14 May 2003

I did that on purpose, this message board doesn't let you space out the writing properly and paragraphs get merged together, best I could manage on my limited knowledge...........sorry.


Youhave my greatest sympathy for the problems that you have experienced but I am afraid to say that on this occasion I think Time are blameless (on this rare occasion)for the main problem of wiping Win XP off your system.

Backing up your data is an essential part of computing and really should be done ona daily basis to be ultra sure you will not loose anything. It is well known and reported that you should back up your data before working on any aspect of your PC let alone a major (£500 is major) upgrade.

Whats more, the upgrade that you brought seems to include a motherboard? The motherboad needs drivers to operate as much as any other peice of hardware and Time would have had to install these drivers. To ask them to notice that you have changed the op sys and to install the drivers for XP when you originally brought ME is asking a wee bit too much especially when you consider that the actual op sys is stored on your hard drive and not a seperate disk. For Time to install the drivers for XP on your system would probably mean that they would have had to use a fresh copy of XP and burn an image of it onto your disk and then install from there. This would result in you being charged for a copy of XP which as you already had one, would not have pleased you!!

You are right about the problems that you have with freezing, sound and drivers disks adn I would have thought that Time should have checked all of this before sending the PC back to you and made sure that you had a set of drivers for the new hardware.

However, if you have reinstalled XP then the drivers that they may have supplied on the burnt image on your disk will be for ME and therefore will not be loaded when you install XP (If you install ME I would think it likely that you will find the drivers will install without the need for CD's)

I rarely take the side of Time as I disagree with the use of such "Restore partitions" for selling the op sys, especially as the main reason for doing so is to prevent piracy and we all know that XP has a faily substantial activation feature which renders piracy difficult for all but the most determined. I also loathe the fact that if you want a copy of the restore CD its another £60 thank you very much!!

However, I must say, I feel that Time may well be, if not totally, then pretty well blameless on this occasion - sorry!

  Jomi 10:56 15 May 2003

Its always easy to say that something is 'widely known' but I genuinely didn't, they say in the e-mail that I would have been informed by the person selling the upgrade - I wasn't.
Do you think that they are also blameless
for installing a motherboard with 266mhz fsb after telling me that it would be 333mhz?

  davidg_richmond 11:01 15 May 2003

I agree with Smiffy on the XP installation point, XP is designed to run on one hardware configuration and changing a lot of that configuration will prevent XP from working, therefore a restore is highly likely. I'm afraid it's tough luck on that one, but still they should have made it clear that your data should be backed up, but again backing up should be a way of life for a computer user. It would certainly be in the back of my own mind that, when sending away a computer to be in the hands of somebody else, I would make sure my data was safe.

Good luck with the other complaints, though, involving your motherboard clock speed et al.

  Jomi 17:51 15 May 2003

Time provided me with no drivers at all, and no information about the motherboard make or sound system I had to d/l Belarc advisor just to find that out.

Don't forget that the pc arrived with no sound and crashed regularly, both of those problems have been sorted with XP pro reinstallation and new drivers.

  Jomi 15:51 17 May 2003

it sorted ASAP (Chris), another week has been and gone with not a word from Time, the support really is as bad as everyone says.

  britianicus 02:33 18 May 2003

I do't think that the email inbox known as "Chris from Time" visits these boards much at weekends. Bounce it to the top on Monday and "he" should respond.

  AMD 4 ever 09:39 18 May 2003

is the cpu you bought with the upgrade support 333mhz fsb? some athlons still only go to 266fsb

  Jomi 14:32 18 May 2003

I don't know the answer to your question, the cpu is AMD XP 2200+.
The little scrap of paper I wrote the specs on when Time phoned to offer the upgrade says 'microstar kt333 ddr. Is that any help?

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