time computer - impressive spec?

  woody147 14:08 01 Apr 2003

I've been scanning round a few places recently to see what sort of pc system i could get for £1200. Read the review of the Mesh matrix XP2700+ multidrive in PCA and thought this seemed like a great deal. Then I saw Time's newest 'promotion', the S3809 powerstation+. Wow. Ok so it's only a base system but a geforce fx graphics card (£360 on dabs), DVD rewriter, 1024 ddr ram, 160Gb HD etc. for £800. How?
then i read this...lol

click here

I'm off to buy the mesh. Ok so the time might have a few impressive components but they're probably held together with chewing gum and sellotape and with this type of customer support...forget it :-)

  Time - Chris 15:36 01 Apr 2003

Hi there,

Thanks for your comments on Time.

I've been monitoring this forum for over 8 months now and in all that time there has only been one complaint about a Time product that I have been unable to resolve to the customer's satisfaction.

We have 2.5 million customers and are the UKs biggest manufacturer of PCs. When you consider how many people actually complain about Time that is only a very small percentage - a smaller percentage than many other manufacturers mentioned within this forum.

We do not use cheap component. The PC you refer to uses nVidia graphics, Seagate Hard Drive, Panasonic DVD-R, MSI motherboard and AMD processor. These are high quality component manufacturers. The reason this PC is such great value is because we have the buying power to produce such a PC at an amazing price.

Our support center has 300+ staff who are all trained regulary and are of the highest quality. The same applies to our sales staff. And if you do not get the service you require from them then you can always contact me [email protected]

I realise that a minority have reserved opinions about Time but those opinions are often based on our reputation from several years ago. I can assure you that the company has changed and I wouldn't be on these forums if it hadn't!

Cheers - Chris

  MichelleC 16:00 01 Apr 2003

I was impressed with the Time spec too. Shame I've got 2 good pc's already.

  irob51 14:43 02 Apr 2003

on the Time Neptune - so i am trying to be optimistic. It has already started on the wrong track - Order placed 11/4 - said will be delivered within 10 working days. Today we are on the 17th working day - still not arrived. Will probably cancel order if not here in two days. I promised it for my daughter's birthday and that was on the 24/4 (last week).


  irob51 14:44 02 Apr 2003

which is a week late

  BryanT 20:31 02 Apr 2003

You think you have problems? I have five! I do think the Time spec is impressive though. Shame my Evesham is only 18 months old. However, according to the ad in the papers today, the offer ran out at 8pm tonight. So I won't have to argue with She-Who-Must-Be-Persuaded, and I can go watch the footaball instead...

  Blake 20:50 02 Apr 2003

I bought an impressive (at the time) Time computer 3 years ago. 13 months down the line the the DVD ROM died, a few months later the power supply then a major melt-down which cost me £350 to put right. I may have been unlucky, but once bitten.......

  Rayuk 20:59 02 Apr 2003

Started off just over 4 years ago with an K6-2 400MHz Time machine never had any problems with it sold on and since sold on again and still going strong.

  Jackieanne 13:11 05 Apr 2003

We bought our first Time pc back in 1998 and in 5 years only problem was modem failure about two weeks before 3yr ext. warranty expired. Being suspicious I thought they may try to delay or blame electrical storm for 'frying' modem - which wouldn't cover repair but no problem, was warned to back up any info as pc would be returned set to factory spec then it was collected, I phoned once to see when it would be returned & only problem was with carriers who used a local firm for some of their work & we couldn't get hold of them. Ended up arriving one day late but set up & all up & running ok. Have just bought second PC from Time, ordered 19th March (10-14days delivery) but arrived in 7, can't fault that!
Just hope we're as lucky with this one!!

  jediknight007 13:49 05 Apr 2003

I bought an AMD K6-2 500Mhz PC from Time about 3 years ago and I have to say that I'm impressed that it still manages to do pretty much everything I want it to (apart from games). The components are of high quality and I would be willing to add the Samsung 6x DVD drive and Fujitsu 13GB hard drive to my new PC any time.

The only thing that annoyed me though was that the advert for my Time PC mentioned AGP graphics and therefore, I assumed that my graphics would come from an AGP 2x slot. Now I have a GeForce2 MX PCI graphics card in there instead of an AGP one. I know now that it was actually onboard graphics running at AGP speed but it was good thing I was able to find a GeForce2 PCI card.

I also hope that Time do use proper AGP cards such as GeForce4 MXs now since I have seen in quite a lot of their current PCs that they have some form of AGP4x 64MB shared onboard graphics. Surely with the huge amount of money you have to install high quality components, you should at least add like a GeForce4 MX in it.

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