Time a company can keep under-warranty items?

  MRSelb 02:50 25 May 2008


My parents bought a laptop from Comet (mistake #1) about 3 years ago and paid £500 for their overpriced 5-year warranty (mistake #2).

I was giving it the yearly clean-out a few months back and they mentioned the hinges being really loose (the screen almost fell shut if you didn't have it way back) - I tried tightening them but for some reason apparently on Sony laptops you can't tighten them yourself. Phoned Comet up and they said bring it into them and they'll sort it out.

So on the 13th April I took it into them, when I got there they said they would have to send it off... I thought they'd be able to tighten a hinge there and then but okay. On the 23rd April I phoned them up to check if it was ready yet, the response I got was "No, it's still here in the shop and won't be picked up until the 25th", 10 days and it hadn't even been sent away?

Anyway... now it's the 25th May and it still isn't ready. They've had it 42 days and all they were supposed to be doing is tightening a hinge. Is that even legal, are they allowed to do this? Is there no limit on the time they can keep it?

If anyone could let me know if there is anything I can do that would be great. I mean, if they'd only paid £100-150 for the warranty I wouldn't be bothered but for £500 I personally would expect a turn-around of 7 days as an absolute maximum. I certainly won't be buying anything from comet again and will recommend other people avoid them.

Thanks in advance

  100andthirty 08:13 25 May 2008

For £500, I'd expect them to provide you with a new one!

I hopw you had all your vital material backed up

  jack 10:51 25 May 2008

That a store should keep such an item for this length of time.

It is acceptable that a 'mere shop' would not have the repair facility 'on site'
Therefor a proper scheduled collect/send procedure should be in place.
This is worth of taking to the highest level in the firm especially as a hefty 'warranty' has been paid for.
By the By these 'Warranties' are usually a 'Third Party arrangement are they not?
Check out the wording on the policy to find out who handles this work.

  spuds 14:35 25 May 2008

I no longer use Comet, and haven't done so since new management took over, and we had a slight disagreement about customer services (if you could call it that!).

If it was me in this dilemma , then I would consult Consumer Direct click here for advice. Then return to Comet harmed with the advice given.

  Forum Editor 12:44 26 May 2008

is that Comet will not be doing the work - the warranty repair will be handled by a third-party company.

42 days is excessive for a repair of this nature; I assume that no new parts are involved, and in such circumstances I would be making a very big fuss indeed.

  Rumple 20:10 26 May 2008

Agree with FE here. Comet always contract out the repair work to third party companies who in some cases such as yours either lose the machine or take an extroadinary long time to repair it.

If it was me I would push comet hard on this to chase the company repairing the laptop or tell Comet to provide you with a brand new replacement.

Do you have all the documentation with you, with regards to repairs etc. Might be handy to remind them of what is promised when they sold the warranty to you.

  MRSelb 01:37 27 May 2008

Hey all,

Thanks for your replies, just a little update - they called yesterday and said it arrived back at the shop today ready to pick-up.

Still not really acceptable, but not much I can do about it now.

Thanks again.

  ronalddonald 21:26 02 Jun 2008

a laptop from comet about two years ago. It was tosh never ever used the cd recoder ntil recently found out it doesnt work. Now i stay clear far away rom coment, i be buying a laptop from here click here

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