Tidy cables..

  tammer 20:05 24 Jun 2007

Ok, not a very exciting thread but....

I have a TV, Video, DVD player, Cable TV box, Cable Modem and Wireless router in the corner of my living room and the mass of cables is not very nice.

Do any of you have any ingenius products that you'd recommend for tidying the cables away?


  Diemmess 20:31 24 Jun 2007

Put your title the other way round and google offers among others ....
click here

A section wrapped round each of the groups of leads would help.

My first thoughts were how do you feel about making a corner cupboard, but that would still have to have hole to feed the same bunch of cables to the various gizmos!

  Terry Brown 21:13 24 Jun 2007

I use a much simpler solution , I use cable ties as and where needed. Cheap-cheerful and it works.

  spuds 22:38 24 Jun 2007

Cable ties, large bag assorted sizes Poundland or Maplins.

  Totally-braindead 00:05 25 Jun 2007

There is a JML cable product for sale, you might have seen the advert you can get them at the likes of woolys, I got a cheap version of the same thing from Poundland a few months ago. Very tidy and reuseable. But I must admit its still in the box, did use it but had to remove a load of cables and haven't got round to refitting it.

  BioBob 00:19 25 Jun 2007

They are a pain.

I got a Multiway adapter from Maplin, but you can get them on ebay for less click here. It made it a lot easier to then encase them in the cable wrap mentioned by Diemmess.

You could go to the extreme and go for cordless peripherals ie USB Dongles with no wires for Broadband, mouse/keyboard, speakers or printers. Havent heard of a corless monitor thats any good yet!

  grumpygramp 11:31 25 Jun 2007

I use a lenght of Pipe Insulation left over from insulating the loft.

  jack 15:10 25 Jun 2007

There is the corrugated split cable way sold in stores in a box at horrendous prices for a meter or so,or from Auto Electricians for approx 25p a meter.

  tammer 22:06 25 Jun 2007

Thanks for all the suggestions folks.

  Totally-braindead 10:51 26 Jun 2007

Just had another thought, a thing I sometimes use is velcro straps, last lot I got were at Poundland again and you got 10 (I think) reuseable velcro straps which you just wrap round the cables, nor particularly pretty but keeps them all together.

  downs 17:05 24 Aug 2007

Try click here they have all types of cable organizers. wire loom cable ties etc. I bought the color wire loom cut to length. It worked great.

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