Thumbs up for Norton in both ways

  Jimmy14 21:18 11 Aug 2006

I would like to praise Symantec's technical support engineers for assisting me in an issue to do with Nortons Live Update today. My live update wouldn't search for updates and gave me an error code which directed me to Syantecs support website with a solution to my error code which to no avail worked. I clicked on the link that I was still having problems which gave me 3 options.
1- Live Chat with support engineer
2- Email response
3- Telephone technical assistance

I selected Live chat with a support engineer and within about 20 seconds I was speaking to a engineer from Symantec over a message box. I am glad to say he fixed my problem and praise his excellent customer services which I thanked him for.

If anyone has received their October Issue of PC Advisor yet then they will see that the security suite voted PC Advisor Best buy with an overall score of 84 points (very good) Norton's firewall proves to be the very best of security suites today by blocking attacks, inside and outside 100% This was the only security suite that got both 100% for the firewall blocking attacks. I know that alot of people think that Norton is a system hog but PC Advisor shows that Norton will take up 13% of your system usage (drag on system performance speed) while running compared to

Panda Platinum Internet Security Suite 2006 at 14%

Aluria Security Center at 160%

Bottom line, Quote "Symantecs suite produced top-tier malware detection and cleanup test scores, but it would benefit from a more streamlined interface and fewer pop-up alerts.

  gudgulf 21:46 11 Aug 2006

Quote "Symantecs suite produced top-tier malware detection and cleanup test scores, but it would benefit from a more streamlined interface and fewer pop-up alerts."

It would also benefit from a lot less problems with Live you have already found out!

I used Norton Internet security for 3 years before the 2005 edition's very frequent crashes after updating caused a me a few too many visits to the support website and reinstalls of Norton.It also caused me to need a full reformat and reinstall of windows and all my programs!

I have to say that the support website is fantastic.......which it really needs to be considering the use I gave it, and the product itself is great when it is working like it should.......but if it starts going wrong,and this is the bit that has irritated a lot of Forum members,it can cause more and more (frequent) problems as time goes on.Having to reinstall a program three times in a month....excluding the reformat of Windows and reinstall of Norton before the "last straw" problem is the sort of thing that really winds people up,lol. should check on the charge rate for phone support from Technical very glad you didn't choose that option!!

  Belatucadrus 21:48 11 Aug 2006

I've never had to use alwil support to fix avast!, it just works.

  anskyber 16:34 12 Aug 2006

I do not wish to question my favourite mag or its excellent web site, but you do wonder. I know the tests that they apply might be superior to others (or not) but by way of balance see what another site says about one of the products in their recent here

  Totally-braindead 19:07 12 Aug 2006

Its an old arguement, you either love Norton or hate it. I'm one of the latter. You like it, fine. But this reads like an advert for Norton, especially since you put it in Consumerwatch and not Speakers Corner.

Big thumbs down from me. Its caused me too many problems over the years.

  Jimmy14 19:24 12 Aug 2006

just to point out to you, I posted this thread in Speaker Corner where the people who have replied already got it from and from a couple of hours ago it has been removed from it and placed in Consumer-Watch. The only reason it is thumbs up is for my customer service experience and especially the gleaming PC Advisor Review.

  Totally-braindead 12:52 13 Aug 2006

Ok fair enough I didn't realise this.

In the interest of fairness as you seem to think so highly of Norton I'll tell you what happened to me with Norton a few years ago.

I had Norton for a couple of years with no real problems. Paid the subscription and was happy enough with it. Then a virus got in, Norton could identify it but could not remove it. Contacted Symantec and was told they would not help as my Norton was no longer supported and I would have to buy the latest version. I pointed out I had been paying my subscription for the past 2 years and they said that just allowed me to get the updates and didn't entitle me to any support. If I had know this then I wouldn't have renewed the subscription.

I deleted Norton and what a pain that was, bits left all over the place, installed AVG free, it found the virus and removed it no problem. I have now been using AVG for 2 years and its never failed me and I am happy with it.

I assume you have the latest Norton and they will probably support this for a couple of years. I must point out though if say in 3 years time you are still using what you have now and are paying the subscription and a virus does get in and Norton can't remove it they may do the same to you as they did to me.

Of course they may have changed what they do now but this was my experience of them and I was not happy. They stopped supporting a product I was using and took money money off me for 2 years and not once did they mention anything about no longer supporting it.

I've seen other people with problems caused by having Norton on their computer and seen the same problem solved by removing it and installing something else. I am glad you are happy with Norton and the level of service you have received from them. Long may it continue but I will stick with AVG free.

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