Throwaway Printer ??????

  BigAl127 19:56 24 Dec 2006

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The cheapest I can find a set of toners (Standard Yield) for the above printer is £200 inc Vat, High Yield set is £330.

Have we really got to the stage where it's cheaper to buy a new printer every couple of months.

I understand that's it's normal practice to sell the printers cheap, and make the money on consumables i.e. inks, but this seems way over the top to me, unless of course i'm missing something.

  Stuartli 20:01 24 Dec 2006
  Stuartli 20:05 24 Dec 2006

Chip resetters here:

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Also refills:

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  Totally-braindead 20:05 24 Dec 2006

You're not missing anything at all. This has been commented on before.
A friend of mine bought cheap inkjet printers, they were on special at £29.99 I think it was. 2 replacement cartridges were about £40 at the time. Since it was cheaper to buy a new printer he bought ten of them.
I personally think he was rather stupid doing this as he could have bought a cheap Epson at £40 then bought a pair of compatibles for about £5 each and this would have been cheaper but I didn't mention it to him at the time as he thought he had got a great bargain and I didn't want to dissapoint him.
Perhaps you might try and see if reconditioned toner drums are cheaper.

  BigAl127 20:07 24 Dec 2006

Thanks for the link.

I currently refill my B&W Samsung Toner (from a different supplier). And was thinking of getting the colour laser. But even at £112.50 for the full set in your link, it's nearly as expensive as buying the printer.

  BigAl127 20:13 24 Dec 2006

I do use an Epson R220 for my standard colour printing, and a set of compatible cartridges costs me £5 for the set of 6.

But on occassions I do need quality and quantity, for my charitable work, and have been pondering getting a colour laser, since they've dropped in price significantly.

May have to treat my household accountant (wife) nicely :-)

  Belatucadrus 16:16 25 Dec 2006

Remembering that most new printers come with what they euphemistically refer to as a "Low user cartridge" i.e. it's only part full.
I have however been guilty of using Dell 720s as semi disposables, offer price £9.99 inc carr, I bought two and some bottles of refill ink, when the cartridges give up, the printer will be binned as getting new cartridges isn't cost effective.

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