Three cheers for Microwarehouse

  Kate B 20:31 14 Aug 2006

Just wanted to big up a really helpful online company: Microwarehouse. I've got a motherboard on order from them which is proving harder than we all thought to source. I ordered it beforeI went away at the end of last month and emailed asking if there was a delivery date in the offing and got a phone call almost immediately asking when I'd be back and saying that it was due for delivery while I was away and what would I like them to do? They agreed to send it so that it would be delivered after I got back.

Today I emailed wondering if it had been dispatched and spent all afternoon cheerfully batting emails back and forth with another chap from the customer services department who said it had delayed and chased it up for me. While we waited for his chasing to bear fruit, we chopsed about our favourite games and talked about consoles. He came back to me at the end of the day saying that Asus had discontinued the board and suggested that either I try Scan - he'd checked and Scan has stock - or would I like him to try sourcing it from elsewhere before I start again with another company?

I've asked him to try and source it as I'd like my business to remain with Microwarehouse and I'll certainly be going back to them. I'm very impressed and it's been a pleasure to deal with them

  bluto1 21:20 14 Aug 2006

Nice to hear a good positive. It doesn`t happen often but it is welcome.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:55 14 Aug 2006

It's not the mobo from that beast you got a while back is it?

How is that machine going - sure sounded like fun when you told us all about it!

  Kate B 00:05 15 Aug 2006

It is indeed the gaming beast :( It's had off and on problems with recognising graphics cards and finally there was no graphics output at all. Given that both cards had been replaced we (I and Voodoo) decided that it's probably a problem with the mobo as it was highly unlikely that four cards would die so as the machine is now out of warranty and I couldn't face the hassle of sending it back to Canada to replace the mobo when I'm perfectly capable of doing so myself, I ordered a replacement. Which has now been discontinued; but as per my original post it looks as though the excellent Microwarehouse should be able to source one for me. I'll be very glad when it's back up and running; I'm reduced to working on my rather clunky two-year-old iBook while the beast languishes.

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