Thoughts on this laptop

  Joe R 14:29 14 Oct 2007

I am thinking about buying two of these laptops, for Xmas presents for my two teenage daughter.

Both have said they would prefer XP, as their operating system, and both will be used for Internet, and some basic gaming. (Sims2)

Asus I have come to know as a reliable company, and I feel that the 2-year warranty is a big plus for these units.

Is there anything better around at this price range, or have I got the best available.?

All thoughts and comments, will be greatly appreciated.
Regards. Joe

  Joe R 14:29 14 Oct 2007

click here

Oops, forgot the link.

  The Brigadier 19:12 14 Oct 2007

They both look OK & are cheap(ish)
And will do the job they are being bought for.
It's often a case that you may find something cheaper, but at this price it may only be a few ££.

  Quiet Life 19:20 14 Oct 2007

Looking at the spec. and reviews I think you have got the best available at that price.

  Totally-braindead 19:20 14 Oct 2007

I think it looks good at the price. I would like to point out a couple of things as I obviously don't know what your daughters are into computerwise. Games. Laptops are not really games machines and before buying something like this I would want to know that if there were any particular games they wanted to play that the laptop would handle it. Some games will not run on laptop graphics so this is something to bear in mind. They have XP on the laptops which for me is a plus but will they be happy with that? They might want Vista. I would prefer XP but its not me we're talking about.

  jimmybond 19:41 14 Oct 2007

no offence, but I think he's answered a few of your points, if you read the post....

"They might want Vista."

original posting - "Both have said they would prefer XP"

"I would want to know that if there were any particular games they wanted to play that the laptop would handle it"

original posting - "some basic gaming. (Sims2)"

for what it's worth - I think it will struggle, even with Sims2 - click here

  Totally-braindead 20:15 14 Oct 2007

jimmybond I think I must be half asleep. I did read it but never took it in at all.

Its a very nice laptop for the money as to whether it would play Sims2 I think checking the website might give you the answer.

  Joe R 17:41 16 Oct 2007

Thanks all for the comments, I think I'll go with this model.

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