Thomas Cook Cash Passport

  BigRik 19:28 09 Jul 2009

I'll be going on holiday in around 5 weeks time to Greece and now need to be thinking about getting my Euros.

Its all booked through Thomas Cook and the lady who deals with the foreign currency at the local branch said she'll be in touch around 4 weeks before we go to help arrange my money.

The Thomas Cook Travel Passport seems a good idea click here and just wondered whether any of you more experienced travellers would agree.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  Clapton is God 19:37 09 Jul 2009

And can this Travel Passport be used at Stavros' corner shop or on the local bus or in the local bar in the wilds of Greece?

  OTT_Buzzard 19:38 09 Jul 2009

I've never used anything similar. As to whether it's a good idea...well I guess that depends on exchange rates and costs.

Would also be interested to know how easy it is to remove a money from the card and back in to your bank. I don't like the way it says 'what you don't use you can save for your next trip'. Doesn't fill me with confidence...

  BigRik 19:55 09 Jul 2009

I don't really intend to use it in shops, but in a ATM to withdraw the money I need. I'm not going to be 'in the wilds of Greece' so I've been assured I'll have no trouble locating one, and I'll withdraw enough for a few days at a time so as to minimize the withdrawal fee (€2.00).

Thomas Cook have said the will beat the rates offered by the Post Office and M&S.

'Would also be interested to know how easy it is to remove a money from the card and back in to your bank'. A question I will be putting to them. Thanks.

  hastelloy 20:19 09 Jul 2009

I always use a debit card in ATMs. Nationwide have just started charging a fee as charged to them by Visa but give the best exchange rate. Other Banks, I believe, charge a higher fee as well as a less favourable exchange rate.

  54david27 08:36 10 Jul 2009

Hi, I always try to use my visa debit card whilst travelling overseas as I find it cheaper and safer, I of course take some Euros as a backup. I use HBOS and they charge a flat fee for each transaction (1.50 pounds) but remember that most banks limit the amount of cash that can be withdrawn, with HBOS its 300 pounds currency equivalent.

  54david27 08:38 10 Jul 2009

sorry for the multiple sends, I was also going to say 300 pounds currency equivalent per day

  Jafe 08:46 10 Jul 2009

personally i think you can't beat good old fashioned money. I'd get it exchanged over here before traveling and keep it in your safe in hotel (provided you have one, most do) and instead of paying $2 per transaction pay $2 for a safe combo. once. plus then you can heep other valuables in it.

Then get your money exchanged back into stirling when you return.

or am i missing the point here?

  BigRik 13:45 10 Jul 2009

I suppose the main point to consider would be that if I was to lose any cash or have it stolen, that's it, its gone; but if the same thing happened with the cash passport, the card and any money on it are replaced. Plus, as its not linked to my account as a debit card would be, I won't lose any money from my account.

I do my banking with Abbey, and their debit card is one of six listed on Martin Lewis' site as a 'Card from Hell' for using overseas due to its higher charges.

I don't want another credit card (I already have 2, one of which has been empty for some time and will shortly be cancelled) or debit card, so I can either go with the passport for piece of mind or just do as Jafe suggests and take cash, hoping that where I stay has a safe.

Just wondered what people thought of this cash passport, as I'd not heard of it before this year.

Thanks for your comments.

  Jafe 15:27 10 Jul 2009

Good luck with whatever you choose to do & have a nice holiday. if you decide to go with Cash Passport let us know how you find it. Would be nice to know as i'm going to Halkidiki in greece later this year.

  The Kestrel 23:06 10 Jul 2009

You could try a Caxtonfx card. This is a Mastercard which you load up with currency. It can be used in ATMs without any charge from Caxton and because it is a Mastercard it can be used in hotels, shops, restaurants etc. click here for details.

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