Thinking of joining SKY Broadband

  astra46 21:36 29 May 2007

SKY have recently upgraded my exchange.

Im currently with Pipex, what are SKY like?

I dont want to be without broadband for too long.

  Tim1964 23:34 29 May 2007

In my opinion it's excellent. I was with Madasafish for a year who messed up my connection from 2 meg down to 1 meg as "that's all BT said I could get" even though I wa on 2 meg for the 6 months previously ???

I've been with Sky BB since just before Christmas and get around 5 megs with a 40 Gb cap (5Gb cap with MAAF). Not the fastest but I am over 3 miles from the exchange and saving £13 a month to boot.

My connection dropped out at midnight of the evening of the 'switch over' and when I checked my emails in the morning it was up and running on the Sky connection.

The router is literally plug n play as your details are in the router when you get it.

  laurie53 08:14 30 May 2007

Do a search before you make up your mind - I have seen a lot of complaints about Sky BB, but they may have improved.

  anthonystorey 10:50 30 May 2007

my friends been with them for 3 months no problems so far and very simple to set up

Had sky BB 16MB service for 6months now no problems 10/10 for performance and at least you can speak to someone in the UK if it goes bottoms up which is better than when I was with Tiscali phoning someone and bloody India!!!!

  mad1234 11:18 30 May 2007

click here
have a look here. it is a thread i created back when sky BB first started & they had a few teething problems. i have been with them since august last year & have had no problems

  rodriguez 12:47 30 May 2007

I got it not long after it came out and to be honest it was crap - but after having it for several months it seems to have improved. One problem I had was they changed the line from BT Broadband to Sky, but hadnt sent the router. This meant I was without broadband for without a week while the router arrived (you cant use your own). The connection sometimes drops when it cant connect to their DNS server, but this doesnt happen as often as it used to.

  Chris the Ancient 18:19 30 May 2007 to why Sky BB will only work with their own router! I thought a router was a router was a router and should work with anything. But I'm more than willing to try and understand how they do that.

I ask because I'm seriously considering changing from my current ISP of Virgin to Sky as I already have a Sky contract for my TV and they keep making such tempting offers that will price Virgin out onto the sidelines. And I've got my netgear router working nicely and with my WiFi connection to my lappie and if I can get away with not changing it, it will just make the job a tad easier.


  brewersfan 19:52 30 May 2007

Migrated from Tiscali to Sky this month and have had no problems. Router arrived on time and changeover was swift. So far so good!

  Tim1964 20:21 30 May 2007

Chris the Ancient,

Your username and password are in the router's firmware. It is possible to see what they are but using your own router is against their T+Cs.

I was using a wireless router before Sky BB but can see no reason not to use the one supplied.

  rodriguez 08:41 31 May 2007

Also you can't see what your Sky router's username and password are until the Sky router turns up, which is why I was without broadband for a week.

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