thinking of getting a advent 3519 is it any good.

  ROB/R 11:42 03 May 2004

is it any good.thank you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:07 03 May 2004

Advent are very good but at £1275 it seems very here The main expense would seem to be the 3.4 chip. This chip's 'advantages' are not usually noticeable by mere mortals. Unless you are well into gaming this chip will make no difference than most other chips. The Medions that are often spoke of here are only £749 (without a screen) but seem much better value. PCW usually have some in with screens for £999. I would also have a look at Mesh click here.

If you are just going to use the computer for word processing, surfing etc. it is way too expensive. You will not 'need' the 3.4 chip....guaranteed.


  ajm 12:11 03 May 2004

My thoughts exactly (or similarly put), My typing's very slow

  ch0pper 12:16 03 May 2004

very expensive for an Advent machine.

Mesh or Evesham can do you a better machine for the price, although you will have to wait a week or two for delivery.

  shizzy 16:40 03 May 2004

Actually my husbands as well.
We help an elderly neighbour with PC housekeeping, MS,AV and firewall updates etc. He has, like my husband a P4 but an Advent and I would liken our two Evesham machines (mine Athlon 1800 and nearly 3 years old)to Jaguars in comparison.In quality and speed. We also have loads more stuff on ours. His was more money than either of ours.

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