thinking of buying from evesham

  gary46 10:44 28 Aug 2006

looking at buying a new pc around £1000. thinking about the evesham solar gt. it will be used mainly for gaming.also looked at mesh around same price band but been put off by comments about customer service. any advice greatly appreiciated

  iscanut 11:02 28 Aug 2006

For each moan/complaint about a supplier, there will almost certainly be hundreds of satisfied customers. Don't be put off by the few unlucky ones and go for it ! Evesham has a good reputation in spite of some adverse postings here.

  realist 12:27 28 Aug 2006

We have three Eveshams and wouldn't go anywhere else.

  Mr Compton 13:41 28 Aug 2006

Evesham has an excellent reputation and great reviews, but be wary that if you happen to end up as one of the "unlucky ones" like I am, then you will fee frustrated and disappointed.
Just remember to consider all other options/companies, as £1,000 is a lot of money.
I would say that if you receive the machine and there is ANYTHING wrong with it, then get a refund while you can and take your money elsewhere. I didn't do this, and ended up having a difficult time with Evesham. My laptop has already been repaired under guarantee (after much hassle) and has developed further problems now. I consider the machine unreliable and won't be buying from Evesham again.
BUT - I am in the minority - perhaps the only way to find out about customer service is to try them for yourself!

  tammer 13:42 28 Aug 2006

It seems that they make the odd mistake but 99% of the time they do exactly what they say they're going to.

I've an Evesham laptop and have been happy with it. The screen became faulty after 10 months but it was replaced under warranty in timely fashion. They replaced it with a used chassis, which I wasn't expecting I must admit, but my laptop is back to working fine in all respects.

  Mr Compton 13:44 28 Aug 2006

second line - "you will FEEL frustrated and disappointed".

pedantic I know but I'm a teacher!

  ame 22:52 29 Aug 2006

From what I've read over the last 5 years in PC Advisor, I reckon Evesham have a better record than Mesh for customer service. They're not the cheapest or most cutting edge pc's, and nobody's perfect, but I know who I'd trust most out of the two.

  legalrep 08:34 30 Aug 2006

I got my first Evesham system last year, I can only give you my own experiance but I have been very pleased with everthing, have had one or two problems but the support from Evesham has been fantastic. Would recommend them to any one!

  wee eddie 08:56 30 Aug 2006

As none of us, to the best of my knowledge, are aware of the numbers of PCs and Laptops made by Mesh & Evesham, or for that matter any of the other contenders, we are not really able to comment on the levels of Customer Service or Standards of Manufacture,

Most of us have only 1 PC and 1 Laptop at a time and change them infrequently so are unable to comment on the above standards. If they work, we're not that interested. If they are faulty and it's sorted quickly, we're slightly annoyed but eventually satisfied. If there are manufacturing or delivery problems we become angry if they are not sorted to our satisfaction.

What none of us know is the proportion of sales that are in that final category and very likely, we never shall.

  HondaMan 10:51 30 Aug 2006

Evesham computer many years ago and after an initial HDD faiure and a replacement MoBo it ran perfectly for several years.

I would certainly use Evesham again.

  Gordon7000 13:02 30 Aug 2006

I've had an Evesham for over 2 years now, and it has performed very reliably. It has had one breakdown in that period, which was resolved on-site by the engineer (This machine is covered by a 3-year on-site warranty from Evesham - available at the time for £40.00)I've rarely had to contact Evesham Support, but I believe they use national rate numbers rather than premium rate. In view of the good quality components, general reliability of the product, & support available, I would purchase from Evesham again. Like many other vendors, however, Evesham provides a backup Recovery Disk (rather than full Windows XP CDs)for re-installation of Windows, if required.


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