Thinking of buying a cheapo laserjet printer.

  Armchair 11:10 15 Dec 2007

I'm sick of this inkjet printer. Mostly use it for text, and not that often. There always seems to be a problem with the cartridges. I want something reliable to replace it. I'll setle for mono. printing, to keep costs down.

Had a look around some shops yesterday. Two obvious choices on display.

1) Canon LBP2900, £50 at PC World

click here

Unfortunately, a toner cartridge for it cost £60, and while I was assured (although there was nothing on the packing to say it actually came with a cartridge) that it come with a cartridge, they couldn't tell me how many sheets it would actually print.

2) HP 1018, £60 at Comet

click here

I've had two HP inkjets, and not been impressed by either. This laser one does, I believe, come with a 1000 sheet 5% average coverage toner cartridge, so it is tempting.

So, are either of those worth getting, and are laserjets free from the cartridge problems that seem to plague (my!) injets?

  Chris the Ancient 11:37 15 Dec 2007

Slightly more expensive, I know. But I used to have the forerunner of this model click here (but that got left behind when I left home and was accused of 'taking everything')!

It was reliable, fast, clear and all the other good things I can think of.

The cartridge was easy to refill with supplies from toner companies and the drum would last for a good 3-4 fills. Mind you, when the drum needed replacing...

  Armchair 12:01 15 Dec 2007

Chris, I see it on the PC World site

click here

No mention of whether or not it comes with a cartridge, though (why the secrecy, lol?!).

Here's the relevant cartridge for it:-

click here

£50............ Hmmmmmmmmmmmm etc.

  €dstowe 12:38 15 Dec 2007

It is normal for the printers to come with a cartridge and it is also normal for a new cartridge to cost almost as much as a new printer.

I think the norm with Samsung and HP is that you get about 2,500 sheets @ 5% cover with the cartridge as supplied and 4,000 - 5,000 with a new full cartridge.

Remember that is fairly easy to refill laser cartridges (as long as you're careful). It is very cheap to do this.

  €dstowe 12:39 15 Dec 2007

I would extent my area of search. I've not checked but I'm fairly certain you could get a Samsung or HP for a better price elsewhere.

  Gizmo2005 13:45 15 Dec 2007

Just ordered the Samsung color laser printer CLP-300 from DABS for £115.00 + free delivery this weekend!!

  spuds 14:18 15 Dec 2007

At one time, there were constant 'half price' offers at PC World, Staples and the like with Samsung mono laser printers.I purchased the Samsung ML-4500 for about £39 or £49. Came with a decently filled toner cartridge, and like €dstowe, I now refill the toner myself, at great cost saving.

The ML-4500 is a great little printer, and the model number change I should think, is a cosmetic exercise more than anything. The inners of similar upgraded models are possibly the same!.

  Diemmess 15:38 15 Dec 2007

I have a long obsolete Epson EPL5800 which cost >£200 when lasers were deemed officeware and simply not on show in PCW

I'm sure you can get just as good for far far less now.

I can only guess how many sheets have gone through in 4 years, say about 10,000, and I'm halfway through the second lot of toner.

It has exceeded my best hopes for clean clear prints down to the finest lines, relatively fast and altogether better for normal printing than a photo inkjet which only comes out of a cupboard for fancy photos.

The only BUT is a big one and possibly applies to most cheaper lasers the paper transport is poor and printing a lot of paper particularly the second side is occasionally a disaster with all sorts of jams and spoiled work.

  kevinjuan 15:52 15 Dec 2007

Just found this at PC World in Milton Keynes. Don't know anything about it other than the price, but what a price.

Canon Laser Shot LBP-1120 £29.97
Toner EP22 BK £15.97.

I have looked on the PC World Web Page, but it is not listed.

  amonra 16:29 15 Dec 2007

I thoroughly recommend Samsung, cheapies available at around £50 and easy peasy to refill.

  Armchair 16:33 15 Dec 2007

Thanks for all the replies.

Kevin, unfortunately, that Canon was definitely not on sale at the (Gateshead) PC World I visited yesterday.

I'm going to make one last attempt to get this inkjet to work properly, then after I've failed, I need to have a good search around every UK PC peripheral site now.

Like I said, all I want is a simple device that can reliably and clearly print text. I don't want over-complicated software that constantly updates for no good reason! All I want is a device that prints text every time I ask it to, and doesn't spend half it's practical life shuddering like some goddam poisoned leper, lol. Judging from your posts, a mono. laserjet is exactly what I want for future peace.

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