Thinking about mesh

  zalman786 00:37 25 Sep 2005


Am thinking about ordering from Mesh but with all the negative consumer reviews on the net am somewhat wary. nothing comes close for the price though. Anybody have any positive experiences?


  Stuartli 09:17 25 Sep 2005

The £750 Mesh system with 18in TFT monitor I bought two years ago this month on behalf of an elderly friend (she's now getting on for 84) is still going strong and has never missed a beat.

The lady concerned was used to a typewriter keyboard but, other than that, had absolutely no knowledge of computers; she took to it like a duck to water and even arranged to get broadband about a year ago so that people could get through on the phone.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:30 25 Sep 2005

I would think that most people who purchase a mesh machine have no problem with it - they fall into the silent majority I expect.

  bremner 09:51 25 Sep 2005

At least five colleagues have bought Mesh on my recommendation and non has had a problem - that is not to say you will not if you buy from them.

As DS says you only ever hear from the very vocal small minority who have a problem, not the overwhelming silent majority who do not.

Mesh provide very competant, value for money systems, that is why they are regularly featured at the top of the PCA Top Tens.

  freaky 12:39 25 Sep 2005

Bought a new Mesh Matrix A64-939 pin System Unit only with Logitech keyboard and mouse in December last year. Worked fine straight out of the box!

Very nice bit of kit, well made with good quality components. Thoroughly recommend it.

  kev d 12:40 25 Sep 2005

As stated above you only usually hear about the bad experiences in life. As excellent as this forum is you should never rely on only one source of opinion.

  Forum Editor 12:47 25 Sep 2005

"all the negative consumer reviews on the net" I think you need to bear a couple of things in mind.

1. People are far more likely to complain when something goes wrong than offer praise when it goes right. If something works perfectly (either product or service, or both) we tend to just get on with it, rather than seeking out a web forum to say "My computer arrived on time, worked perfectly, and gave me no cause for concern whatsoever".

2. The more computers you sell, the greater the number of complaints there will be. If one company sells 100 machines a month and has a 10% complaint rate you might see 10 negative reviews somewhere. If another company sells 1000 machines in the same period, and has the same complaint rate you'll read 100 negative reviews, and your overall perception will be that the second company isn't as good as the first. It may or may not be true, but numbers of complaints isn't the way to judge.

  24bitkid 13:49 25 Sep 2005

My Mesh PC is ticking a long very well.

  grahamd 13:57 25 Sep 2005

had my mesh system for about 4 years, no problems, but then you only know how good a company is when something goes wrong.

  sioux13 17:53 25 Sep 2005

I bought a MESH PC and Laptop in January, had a little teething problem with both. However, both were sorted quickly. Customer service is poor, but the machines are good value for money. I would probably buy from them again in the future

  StainlessStan 19:28 25 Sep 2005

I bought a Mesh 6 months ago and I consider the machine to be excellent (8 out of 10). My experience with support, though, has been less so (3 out of 10).

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