Things you DONT want your staff to be doing!

  tein 22:26 06 Sep 2009

Oh Dear Pc World in the limelight again!

You would of thought the coverage that FB has that the staff that STILL work there would be more shall we say mature!

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  morddwyd 22:38 06 Sep 2009

Wasn't there something about freedom of speech?

If we are allowed to slag off PCW staff, and we do, quite regularly, should they not be allowed the freedom to answer back?

  dagnammit 23:32 06 Sep 2009

No, because we are passing opinion on the faults of a company. They are insulting customers.

  Forum Editor 23:36 06 Sep 2009

and I'm moving it now.

  Forum Editor 23:44 06 Sep 2009

just as I'm sure that some PC World employees are pretty dim.

Those customers will remain stupid, but PC World can do something about their employees. They can do what I suggested to them that they should do, some three years ago when I wrote to them and said that I would be happy to run a series of training sessions on how to set up and manage a professional customer service policy. I suggested that customer-facing staff could be taught how to relate to the people who come through the doors in a way that would enhance the company's image, and result in happier customers and more confident staff.

Perhaps not surprisingly they didn't bother to respond.

  ened 06:50 07 Sep 2009

"Perhaps not surprisingly they didn't bother to respond."

Don't companies like this have departments which look at their model and try to find ways to improve.

I would have thought this area could be identified as losing them (possibly) millions across the board.

They didn't neccessarily have to accept your offer but I would have expected some response.

It is a shame really because PC World holds a unique place and has the potential to be a shining example of how to get it right in all departments.

Maybe they need changes at the top?

  WhiteTruckMan 06:51 07 Sep 2009

They are merely hard of thinking!


  BT 08:48 07 Sep 2009

You just can't help some people. My son worked for Staples some years ago and related many stories about customers. One that comes to mind is the indignant lady who brought back a keyboard wanting to know why there wasn't a manual with it.

  dagnammit 08:50 07 Sep 2009

Was it a standard keyboard? My last 2 keyboards came with CDs and booklets.

  anniesboy 10:58 07 Sep 2009

I'm sure they will be aware of this Which survey.
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  Stuartli 11:13 07 Sep 2009

Unless you are a Which? subscriber, you cannot access such information.

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