they wont refund my mobo

  charlie01liv 12:52 07 Jul 2009

Date: Mon, 06/07/2009 | 15:11
charlie01liv ([email protected]) sent you the following message:
dear sir/maddam i,ve recently bought a new m3n32sli delux motherboard from aria i got quiet cheap from there bargain basement it does say there maybe fualts and offers a 30 day warranty when i got the board evrything was how it was supposed to be when you get a new board i installed all my parts anthlon64x2 6000/geforce 8800gs/800watt power supply/ect and reinstalled vista everthing seemed great untill the welcome center said it did not reconise my processor but has everthing was running well i thought it might just be a driver issue anyway a week went buy and i was still getting the same problem after updating my drivers and the bios i left this has somthing popped up and i forgot about it any way a day or so later i decided to play one of my games tombraider so not to demanding on my graphics but after about two minuets of playing the game the system just shut down so i rebooted and tried again and several times later it just kept over heating so i new then that there was
a serious fualt anyway i sent it back to aria for a refund a couple of days later to my disbelief aria had refused the refund has the motherboard had some damage to it they said that one of the clips to hold the memory in place had been broken of and it had must of happend in transit i was not happy but dont understand i sent it back with a genuine fualt and still feel has aria are just tring to avoid the refund i packaged it properlly and how do i no it was damaged in transit and no one at aria did by accident my board had a genuine fualt and had this not happend i would of got my money back now i,m getting a board that does,nt work and no money and they where even going to have the cheek to ask me for postage again i do,nt think so please can you hep thanks carl alcock
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  Kevscar1 13:25 07 Jul 2009

If it was after the 30 days then you have no comeback as you were warned it might be faulty

  OTT_Buzzard 13:43 07 Jul 2009

Puff pant puff pant.....sorry, I was waiting for a full stop so that I could breath again!!

Assuming that you logged your issues with the motherboard with Aria within 30 days then you may have a case.

Even if a RAM clip is damaged they may still be able to test the motherboard for the fault you have reported. Again, assuming that they find the fault and it is not repairable, the damage to the RAM clip becomes irrelevant.

  interzone55 17:09 07 Jul 2009

I suggest you ask FE to delete this thread and then start again without including your email address.

Unfortunately we get more than our far share of spammers visiting these pages and a nice live email address will prove rich pickings for them.

As for your problem, I doubt anyone at Aria stayed awake long enough to read to the bottom. Have you tried using punctuation and breaking up the text into paragraphs.

As a tip, and I'm not being sarcastic here, before you send anything off, read it back to yourself, everywhere you pause for breath insert a comma, if the next bit of text has a slightly different point, replace the comma with a full stop.

If the next point is entirely different, then insert a line break...

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