These forums no longer OPERA-tive?

  Kalitechnis 16:42 18 Apr 2003

Opera may or may not be losing the plot, but all of a sudden , today it's losing this forum:
When I open a posting, the page loads as normal at first, but as soon as it is fully loaded, all the text dissappears ie. the central column, leaving the columns on the left and right side, as well as the header.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Me, I have switched over almost exclusively to Opera:it gives a real surfer-friendly browsing experience.

However, if I cannot access these forums, I will not be at all happy. This has not happened in the year that I have been using it.

Any ideas why this is happening, and how to rectify it?


  suzie005 16:47 18 Apr 2003

click here

i posted here a short time ago.everything's been fine till today

  Kalitechnis 16:55 18 Apr 2003


Hm, thanks. What puzzles me is why this has never happened before-I visit this forum most days.

I had a quick look at the HTML,(it must surely be something to do with this?) but can at first glance see nothing glaringly obvious...not that I'm an expert. (Though I do have 2 websites).

Anyone else have any clues?


  Kalitechnis 17:02 18 Apr 2003

I've just found out that these forums use activeX.

Is this the culprit, Opera having no ActiveX?

But then, as I say, this has never happened before today, and I've been using Opera 6.5, 7.01beta, 7.02 and now 7.10, since it's release.

All I can say is I hope this will not continue, as I cannot live without PCA forums..but then, increasingly, I cannot live without Opera.
Oh, dear...


  suzie005 17:06 18 Apr 2003

can't see why it should be a problem when it's been ok.we need VOG.he'll have an answer for us

  VoG™ 17:10 18 Apr 2003

Well, Pesala actually click here

  suzie005 17:14 18 Apr 2003

i thought of u love cos i know how experienced u are with it

have unticked and it works

  VoG™ 17:20 18 Apr 2003

Glad it worked Suzie.

BTW Opera 6.05 is not dull and boring - it all depends what you do with it...

  suzie005 17:26 18 Apr 2003

it is dull and boring and there are loads more skins with it than the previous versions AND installing them is SOOOOOOOO's nice to see a bright screen.i'm using the bugs theme at the minute

  Kalitechnis 17:32 18 Apr 2003

Well, I've just "Identified as Opera", leaving Java/script enabled, and the problem is solved.

Susie005, presumably the unticking you mentioned was to disable Javascript, as Pesala mentioned.

In that case, both methods work- Identifying as Opera, or disabling Javascript.

Anyway I now have a PCA OPERAble browser again, & am happy.

Cheers all,


  suzie005 17:35 18 Apr 2003

it was indeed java script.haven't touched 'identify with' at all but it's the pun at the end

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