Thermal grease voids your AMD processor warranty!

  TOPCAT® 14:58 28 Apr 2003

After being in use all this time AMD confirms a rumour that has been buzzing around the Web. Thermal grease is out, and only one product is permissable - Shin Etsu G 749 - except no one can find a supply of it!

Arctic Silver maker denies there's a problem of course.

click here for AMD's explanation. TC.

  961 15:30 28 Apr 2003

I find this quite incredible

When I built my current computer, with an Athlon XP 1700 I bought a tube of Coolermaster thermal compound. I didn't need to use it and the processor has not been removed from the motherboard and so the tube is still unopened.

I wonder what Coolermaster (a highly reputable company that doesn't make rubbish as far as I know) think of all this?

  pj123 15:31 28 Apr 2003

The Heatsink Compound I use for all our AMD processors is fanner 420. Not had any problems with it so far. go to click here

  ardvarc 16:35 28 Apr 2003

What about Companies that sell AMD CPU retail packs with a "lifetime" guarantee. It contains thermal paste. So as asked in the Helproom, how long is "lifetime".

  ardvarc 17:03 28 Apr 2003

I have checked out the Companies I have dealt with and it is 3 years warranty with these retail packs. I stand corrected as no doubt will happen.

  ardvarc 18:54 28 Apr 2003

Now this is true and interesting. I ordered a XP2500+ Barton from Savastore for my grandson's PC and it was delivered teatime while I was having a sleep. I have just opened it and the CPU is OK as is the heatsink. However, what is different to the previous CPU's I have ordered is that this heatsink has AMD written on the top of the fan and on the bottom of the heatsink is a plate approx 1.75 x 1.75" held down with 4 screws and a small square of thermal grease about 1" square. Looking at the enclosed fitting instructions it tells you to go to AMD's site about the heatsink and to ONLY fit supplied heatsink and not a one you would prefer or warranty is void. So could this be the mysterious grease that is AMD approved. I have the serial number FXN PK0 453AWDAUXZ 2003-01-19

  Falkyrn 20:15 28 Apr 2003


On reading the article "only one product is permissable - Shin Etsu G 749" would also appear to be incorrect EXCEPT for "temporary evaluation testing"

  Offline 20:20 28 Apr 2003

Bit late now... :-)

  Coaster3 20:26 28 Apr 2003

I have tried searching for Opteron Shin Etsu G 749 on Google and practically every other search engine I can think of. It doesn?t appear to exist!

  Offline 20:26 28 Apr 2003

click here# For removing thermal grease in case of warranty claim.

  carver 20:45 28 Apr 2003

this might not do the job, a steam cleaner would be more appropiate, you could clean the hard drive at the same time.

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