Is there only one internet ? (out there)

  Aitchbee 16:27 15 Feb 2011

Why can't there be Inet1, Inet2, Inet3, along the same lines as BBC1, ITV, CH4, etc.

  ronalddonald 16:38 15 Feb 2011

That would make it more competitive if its possible, but i doubt until someone finds a way to do it

  OTT_B 16:48 15 Feb 2011

Isn't that the equivalent to different ISPs?

  iscanut 17:07 15 Feb 2011

The internet is on earth would you expect this to work ?

  ams4127 21:55 15 Feb 2011

Iscanut has hit the nail on the head. It is "The Internet".

  Sheepish 18:41 16 Feb 2011

Because if you're comparing the internet to TV then the internet isn't BBC1, the internet is 'this is the format for transmitting a tv signal'.

  Aitchbee 19:39 16 Feb 2011

Why can't there be something along the lines of freeview TV (where you can access many channels for free).Perhaps free access to all (or some) internet sites in your native country and only pay for visiting foreign web sites.Or alternatively free access to foreign only sites and paying only for UK websites .
Would this not ease the traffic bottlenecks that slow down the internet.
BTW I can count the number of times I have accessed web sites in Eire, France, Germany , Spain, Italy, Portugal, Africa, South America, Asia, etc, etc, etc. on the fingers of one hand.
I know the Telecom Industry would not be in favour.
And wasn't there a piece in the PCAdvisor about downsizing your bb connection.

  Terry Brown 20:08 16 Feb 2011

Don't start giving people idea's.

I would suggest that very little of your web pages actually originate and is totally controlled within the UK.

If you are suggesting what I think you are, that would start the end of The Internet' as we know it.

Yes there are companies out there who would love to get their grubby paws on Internet control, and charge for every link you go to. Why do you think that there are Adverts on the Internet, the companies pay per hit (every time you click on an advert), in the hope of a sale (Like the commercials on your TV).

Don'y you think you pay enough for your Broadband (or Dialup) connection already.

As for downsizing you broadband connection,all they are saying is why buy a sports car is you are nover going to do more than potter around at 30 mph.


  Aitchbee 21:13 16 Feb 2011

I just wanted to get people's views on something that we all accept (wrongly in my opinion) that the Internet is a one size fits all phenomena.
I would like to see the cost of using the internet come down a few notches for people like me who only look up about ten websites maximum and also don't use any foreign language websites.

"The Internet as we know it" will definately be a lot different in five years from now, I reckon.
Yes, I agree we are paying too much for internet.

Personally I will be moving fron Dial-up to mobile BB with Virgin 1gb pm. (saving £6 a month)

  iscanut 21:18 16 Feb 2011

1gb is not much and the best of luck with Virgin ! You will need it :-)

  Aitchbee 21:35 16 Feb 2011

My 1gb allowance will suffice, what can go wrong with a plug-in USB modem? (at £9 pm). (I have a virgin phone line already connected)

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