There are clangers, and spectacular clangers...

  Forum Editor 09:20 07 Jul 2007

No prizes for guessing which category this one is in:-

click here

  Stuartli 09:52 07 Jul 2007

In the Mail as well today...:-)

Small change to Bill....

  wee eddie 10:40 07 Jul 2007

Wasn't the X-Box hardware sold as a Loss-leader on the assumption that Games Sales would more than make-up the difference?

  Forum Editor 11:46 07 Jul 2007

I don't know about that, but I do know that, despite having to fork out over $1 billion to cover the cost of extended warranties, Microsoft still expects to make a profit on the X-Box 360 in the current trading year.

  Kate B 13:12 07 Jul 2007

I'm rather of the opinion that Microsoft has never been much good with hardware and should stick to software. Incidentally, we've been writing about dodgy Xbox 360s in the Guardian for a while now.

  wee eddie 13:15 07 Jul 2007

at the time the X-Box came out. I seem to remember an article on M$'s Marketing Strategy.

  Totally-braindead 15:26 07 Jul 2007

I'm dissappointed, when I saw the title I thought this was a thread about my beloved TV program the Clangers, who remembers the soup dragon?

At least they are covering the warranties, mind you I suppose they don't have much choice. Wonder how long it takes to get an Xbox repaired anyway, if they have had much more problems than they thought they would they must have struggled to keep up.

  Diemmess 16:41 07 Jul 2007

........of course Major Clanger and the Iron Chicken.
I preferred (Oliver Postgate's ?) delightful Ifor the Engine, but that has absolutely nothing to do with this thread.

Thankfully nobody in my fairly large family of three generations either has, or hankers after an X-box. So we can sit back and tough it out

  Sic 17:10 07 Jul 2007

You are spot on, same with the PS3. Pull one apart and cost all the items inside, you would not get close to the retail price.

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