Thanks Santander

  ams4127 19:13 08 Feb 2011

I got a call from their fraud department this afternoon asking me to phone them.

Having gone through a load of security questions and answers they told me they were querying a couple of transactions. I was able to confirm that both were legitimate and they reinstated my card there and then. It seems the purchases did not conform to my usual profile and their computer picked this up.

Nice to see them keeping a wary eye open.

  birdface 19:41 08 Feb 2011

Unfortunately if I had any money I think santander would be the last bank that I would put it in.
I have never ever used them but seen quite a few problems that customers were having with them.
I think it was late last year when they sent out about 30.000 statements to the wrong customers.

  ams4127 20:05 08 Feb 2011

I understand your reluctance buteman but every company makes mistakes occasionally. Any company that says it never makes a mistake is probably lying.

I assume you are using Microsoft as you write?!!

  finerty 22:20 08 Feb 2011

I got an email telling me account is restricted only thing is I don't have an account with them.

Similarly a couple months ago I got the same type of message from Nat-west telling me my account was restricted and again I don't bank with them. In fact I bank with an American bank.

  Forum Editor 23:32 08 Feb 2011

The emails were not from the banks you mention, they were phishing emails, sent to you by criminals.

Banks will never email you about your account, for obvious reasons.

  Forum Editor 23:42 08 Feb 2011

I could point you to numerous complaints about almost any bank you care to name. The major banks number their customers in the millions, and problems will inevitably occur.

Santander acquired the Abbey bank in 2004, followed by Allied Leicester and Bradford and Bingley in 2008. In retrospect it probably took on too much, too quickly, and tried to make one business of it all - mistakes have occurred.

Santander is one of the world's largest banks,with over 90 million customers and it will overcome the problems. I've been a Santander customer for a long time, and haven't encountered any banking problems. I think they need to sharpen up service standards in the branches, but then a few other banks need to do the same thing.

  tullie 06:50 09 Feb 2011

I am with the Halifax and they allways give me a call if i make an unusual transaction.

  Big L 266 10:12 09 Feb 2011


FE....Santander may well be the largest bank,but in my opinion - based on fact - it has been an absolute disaster for old Alliance & Leicester/Girobank customers like me.

In the past five months I had been locked out of my internet banking several times. Each correction involved sending out a new pin/password numbers always taking 10/15 days. In some cases they worked once before locking me out again. My account numbers originally with Alliance & Leicester sometimes failed to work even with these new pin/passwords.

After several failed calls to their technical department they decided that the incompatability was between my being an A&L customer on a Santander database. Having issued me with new access numbers,they too failed in spectacular fashion with my being unable to access my accounts for most of January. Even issuing several more new pin/passwords didn't resolve the situation.

Having then got sick to the back teeth of my daily phone moans to them,and realising that I'd had enough of their many gross incompetences,I swapped banks in February.It was a seemless transfer mainly done by telephone and two in-house visits, and I did my own direct debit swaps. I also did the same with my credit card also with Santander and transferred everything to my new credit card.

Last week,I rang Santander and closed my current account and credit card account after 30 years of Girobank, then A&L, & finally this bunch. That was the single most satisfying moment so far in 2011 and am awaiting the final closure letters from each department.Once I've got them,I will be a very happy bunny and Santander will be just a memory in a plastic file.

Big L 266

  spuds 10:31 09 Feb 2011

Reading the various forums and newspaper reports, you are by no means alone with the bad services of Santander.

Regarding mergers and take-overs, I recall the days of the Leicester Permanent and the Leicester Temperance merging in which became 'The Leicester' with the later additions of the Girobank and Alliance plus other smaller building societies.

When these mergers with 'The Leicester' etc took place there were very few incidents or mix-ups, and everyone seemed happy. I know I was.

Nowadays it would appear that the simplest of tasks take vast amounts of energy or computer data transfer, with the inevitable problems occurring. The same thing applies to ISP's or so it would seem. Bigger doesn't always makes better, even though some would believe it does.

  Terry Brown 15:10 09 Feb 2011

I agree the service at the A & L system has fallen, possibly due to reduction in staffing levels, and/or inexperienced staff.

I looked at other banking systems and NONE were much better, some worse, so I opened an Abbey account (Still Santander)and transferred my accounts to them.

Apart from a minor niggle when they lost a direct debit (quick visit to the branch and sorted), I have had no problems to speak of.

Every bank, especially when they take on or merge with others has teething problems and some of the earlier systems lose the support the once had.

  hastelloy 18:20 09 Feb 2011

1. Alliance and Leicester (before Santander) lost all of my ISA savings which I was transferring to them - they lost the cheque, asked me to get it cancelled and then informed me that it had bounced. I lost access to my money for 2 months.

2. A&L/Santander couldn't open a current account for my mother with me as authorised agent (NatWest took 7 days) without endless forms. They lost the first set - the 2nd set were faxed to them from the branch with a promise of "within the week" 11 days later the branch rang them (when I called in) and it was on top of the pile to be dealt with next. 10 days later they needed more info but hadn't bothered to ask for it. After 3 months we gave up.

3. My mother (against my advice) opened an ISA with Santander - transfers (in or out)cannot be made by internet, says company policy.

Totally useless bank in my book.

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