Thank you Evesham

  claudine 20:33 13 Jan 2004

For anyone thinking of buying from Evesham, I ordered a laptop for my son on New year's eve and want to praise the salesperson who helped me figure out what we needed. He was extremely unpatronising (something I rarely find when buying tech stuff), and didn't come across as just trying to push whatever was deal of the week either. Anyway - it arrived a couple of days ahead of schedule and is brilliant so far. I'm also in need of a new desktop and will be going back to them

  Forum Editor 22:31 13 Jan 2004

Particularly in view of this
click here which is something that interests me greatly, in fact I can feel a Consumerwatch article coming on.

  PurplePenny 23:01 13 Jan 2004

I too was treated well by Evesham's sales person. He was very young, the kind of lad that is often stereotyped as believing that anyone over twenty knows nothing about technology. At no point did he make me feel that I didn't understand or know what I was after, neither my age nor my gender came into the equation - he just wanted to sell me the right laptop.

FE - very interesting article. Kev and I tend to shop together, on many occasions at Computer Fairs I have asked a question only to have the sales person (usually middle-aged and male) address the reply to Kev. Kev's response is too look at them blankly and say "Sorry, I don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about, you'd better talk to Penny.".


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