TFT Resolutions?

  Siddhartha 16:30 01 May 2004

Why do 17 inch and 19 inch tft monitors have the same native resolution 1280 x 1024? Surely this means that text on the 17 inch must be really small?

  TomJerry 16:53 01 May 2004

If you want to have biger text size, right click on desktop, click properties and click Apperance, (need to click Advance for XP) then set any text size (and font) you want for each item on windows.

I always have text size rather big even on a 15" TFT, much ease on eye. Cannot stand small text size on monitor, this is just me of course.

  Stuartli 17:48 01 May 2004
  Djohn 18:17 01 May 2004

Yes, the text/graphics on a 19" TFT will be slightly larger than a 17" but in all applications the size of text on a 17" is fine. You will notice a big difference though when you go into on-line forums, the text is much smaller and cannot be altered by use of the toolbar/view/text size, or scroll wheel of the mouse.

You have the option of altering the text/graphics from, properties/settings/advanced and choosing a larger font/Icon size but this will only apply to the desktop display and any programs/applications you use or general internet surfing but not forums.

All TFT's have a native display and moving away from this will deteriorate the display quite a bit. Lowering the 17" from 1280x1024 to 1024x768 will make the text larger in on-line forums but it will have a very blurred edge to it and quite tiring on the eyes after a while. So although the higher resolution will give smaller text it will also be much sharper and cleaner.

Be careful when looking at TFT's in stores such as PC World as they tend to set their resolution at 1024x768 on 17" displays, makes the display look larger and because you are generally looking at a store image or Movie or even just a desktop, you will not see the slightly inferior image. Right click on the desktop of any one of the display models choose properties/settings and see what they are set at. I think you will be surprised to see the lower setting.

Ask them to bring up a application such as "Word" and type a couple of lines, you will see the soft edges round the text. [Even with clear type selected]. Increase the resolution to what it should be 1280x1024 and see how much sharper it is. j.

  TomJerry 20:33 01 May 2004

Mozilla FireFox (an excellent replacement of IE) click here. With it, you can change any size of web pages you fancy.

  Djohn 01:16 02 May 2004

Thanks for the tip TomJerry. I Like using IE 6 but have been thinking for a while now on using another browser if only for in forums. I will give it a try. :o)

  Stuartli 09:02 02 May 2004

But this won't alter the basic (native) resolution capabilities of the TFT monitor.

  SEASHANTY 20:00 02 May 2004

Currently have the text size on this PCA website at
150 percent but if I set it to 200 percent or even higher then the text is changed to bold type which makes it stand out even better. Using MOZILLA 1.4
browser. I cannot get this text size with I.E.6.

  SEASHANTY 20:04 02 May 2004

....and the above is using a 15 inch TFT (Medion)
set at 1024 x 768 and using the "View" function on Mozilla toolbar to increase the text size.

  Siddhartha 18:29 04 May 2004

Thanks to all responses - much appreciated

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