TFT or not TFT

  Richard Hillman 22:48 01 Apr 2003


Im interested in getting that computer from Aldi (Medion MD 8008 - £799.99) but don't know which screen to buy. There's two on offer (both Medion): a 15" TFT (max res 1024x768) for £159.99; or a 19" standard monitor (max res 1600x1200) for £119.99. Only got till 03/04/03 to decide. Wot u reckon?

  Bapou 22:51 01 Apr 2003

TFT, a great spacesaver on the desk.

  Stealth Mode 01:04 02 Apr 2003

Richard Hillman??
Have a word with Gail and Audrey, they will help you out.

  €dstow 08:02 02 Apr 2003

It's a matter of choice - love 'em or hate 'em.

Personally I can't get on with TFT screens and wouldn't give tuppence for one. Two members of my staff think they're great and can't work with anything else.

Can I suggest that you go down to your local computer superstore and do a comparison of the two types - use them for as long as you can until the staff start to object and threaten to throw you out.

See which type suits you best and go for that one.


  scooby03 16:07 02 Apr 2003

It depemnds what you want to use it for. If its just normal office appas and web browsing go for the TFT. If youre in to gaming though suggest you go for the CRT monitor which will more than likley give better results.

  « Ravin » 16:20 02 Apr 2003

i kinda have to disagree there.. i use a tft and its excellent even for gaming ..

  TimC 16:23 02 Apr 2003

Depends on what you want to use it for?

For me the key was maximum resolution - whilst I liked the space saving with the CRT, for project plans and spreadsheet work the max resolution of 1024x768 was too low.

I know most products have a zoom capability, but not for menu bars/scroll bars etc, which end up taking up about 20% of the usable space at 1024x768, and my laptop docks at home and work so I wanted similar environments.

  barrie_g 19:35 02 Apr 2003

Had one for about six month now and I wouldn't go back to CRT, the old saying about TFT being no good for games DVD's and what have you no longer applies so long as you get one with a refresh rate of 30ms or so you wont notice the difference, I watched the trailer for the new Matrix movie the other day and it was great no streaking or blurring what so ever.

  [email protected] 20:31 02 Apr 2003

I was also tempted by the Aldi machine, but was put off by the DVD-RW as I think it will pretty much become defunct., especially now MS have come out in favour of +RW, also I couldn't find out what type of motherboard it had. However I would prob. not go for the TFt as the resolution isn't the best, so I'd say go for the standard if you have the room1

  shifty 20:59 02 Apr 2003

I used a TFT for a month or so doing the normal applications plus photographic repairs etc and went back to the CRT which I now prefer.

  Kyomii 21:25 02 Apr 2003

Resolution/refresh rate is not much of an issue with TFT's as it is with standard CRTs because they work best at their "native" resolution - which, for 15 inch is 1024x768 - any higher would distort the picture.

Also superiority of LCD sharpness means that the optimum (native) resolution is the clearest and they are completely different technology to CRTs -they don't suffer from shakes etc - so refresh rate isn't an issue either.

The 17 inch TFTs are capable of much higher resolution but still work best at their native and this is also dependent on your graphics set up.

As far as gaming goes you need to consider a TFT with a 300:1 ratio at least, and also 30ms and below and there is little difference to a CRT - they have improved a lot over the last couple of years.

The -and + DVD rewrite alliance issue seems to be ongoing - the -RW standard "appears" to be changing to +RW because companies such as and Microsoft are joining the + alliance (developed by Sony) and by doing so, they are saying that they will be supporting the + alliance in the future. (Microsofts next OS for example is highly likely to support the + alliance)

However, this does not necessarily mean that the current -RW alliance will be useless and it will be interesting to see which one actually becomes standard at the end of the day.

To make it simpler, the "crude" difference between the - and + is similar to that between Betamax and VHS.

It was thought for a good while that Betamax would become the standard within the industry - however the market was completely turned around when VHS became more of a standard, despite initial suggestions.

Both the Medion and the Time represent good value for money - "today" - but its like anything else, six months down the line there will be something bigger and better (Medion bring a new one out every six months - the next will be a laptop) - so what represents value now, will only be short lived.

If you are not in a hurry for a new computer, it may be worth hanging on for six months to see what Medion/Time bring out next, but the hardware market is shifting at such an incredible rate now that the latest and greatest and drift into irrelevance within a matter of months.

Good luck to those who do purchase a new machine, I hope you get what you want, and happy computing to all :)

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