TFT - with no dead pixels at time of purchase

  keith 21:10 10 Mar 2003

click here can supply TFT monitors with no dead pixels at time of purchase,if you pay them about £15 to test the monitor before despatch.

Well worth the extra cost of the test I`d say ,wonder what happens to all the monitors that fail?

  Djohn 22:23 10 Mar 2003

Seems ok, but I've just bought the AOC LM720 and the shop tested it for me free of charge.

They are an excelent monitor, and I would think that the fail rate is quite small in comparison anyway. J.

  urban gorilla 22:47 10 Mar 2003

I know the FE has advocated that we will have to start paying for service but this is rich. I mean a company selling TFT's charging their customers to check if they're dead pixel free before despatch. come on! I feel sorry for the guy who skimps and not pays the charge because that answers Keiths question "wonder what happens to all the monitors that fail?" he he.

  spuds 00:34 11 Mar 2003

I have just been involved in the purchase of two new computer systems, both will be supplied with TFT monitors.Part of the guarantee is the machines will be 'soak tested' including the monitors, this was the standard procedure set by the computer builder. If the computer builder had requested further payment for testing, then they would have lost a sales. It is a bit like Ford Motors saying to a customer, "We only guarantee 90% of our car engines, the other 10% tough luck". Why should you have to pay extra all the time, for a possible manufacturing design fault.

  « Ravin » 13:53 11 Mar 2003

whats to stop dead pixels from developing later ?

  SMB Systems 14:44 11 Mar 2003

I worked for a comapny for 3 and a half years and we never tested tfts before they were sold, we sold mitak, lg and hansol screens in all that time and from hundreds of tfts we had one with dead pixels which hansol replaced onsite at our customers address, i think the quality of these screens is such now that dead pixels are a rare thing and i bet you pay the £15 and they won't test the screen anyway, easy money for them. I wouldn't pay the extra, if you buy something it should be of merchantable wuality regardless and you should not pay more to make sure it is.

  SMB Systems 14:45 11 Mar 2003

sorry should be quality not wuality

  fitcher 21:07 13 Mar 2003

they do not have dead pixels now .why pay the money .as the guy says they had no returns.

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