tft monitirs

  ppg 22:36 25 Feb 2004

How do 15' tft monitors compare to the old type 17'? are any types better than others? should I go for 17' ar 15' as my older box type 17' one is fine?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:46 25 Feb 2004

CRT monitors are better than TFT in clarity and resolution. If your CRT is OK stick with it and use the money for a backup drive.


  mole44 08:02 26 Feb 2004

yes save your money the oled screen will be soon out

  Stormpool 11:27 26 Feb 2004

click here

Cheaper materials? I sure hope it's reflected in the prices!

No dodgy markup just because it's new!

  Rigga 13:07 26 Feb 2004

hmmm... note so sure about the "out soon" bit...

I've been following CDT (Cambridge Display Technology) the inventors of the Organic light emitting diode technology, for about four years now, and I always harped on to people about how it was the next big thing, and we'd all be using large flexible high resolution cheap plastic screens " this time next year "

Well I'm still waiting, and as far as I can see.. we'll all NOT be using large flexible high resolution cheap plastic screens anytime soon. Despiute the fact that they have been able to produce blue (the holy grail) oled with high liftimes for about a year.

And you can bet that when some company eventually do release an oled based screen, it'll be very expensive despite the screens being vastly cheaper than LCD's or TFT's to produce.

Anyway.. I agree with the first couple of posts.. stick with CRT for now.. they are undoubtably better screens than TFT's for the moment.

Just my two penneth worth.

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