TFT DVI Monitor - To Buy or Not To Buy?

  caplock 14:59 05 Jan 2006

Looking at buying a new TFT,17" or 19" monitor,primarily for excellent gaming viewing.
From what I can understand,I will need a response rate of less than 12m/s.
However,is DVI an essential requirement,or is it something I will need in a years time?
Price range available appx upto £220.

  rmcqua 15:24 05 Jan 2006

Hi caplock,
I have recently bought a Samsung 19" TFT with 4ms refresh rate around your budget price and I have to say that I am absolutely delighted with it. Because my graphics card has DV, I am using it in digital mode but to be quite honest I cannot tell the difference when I switch to analogue. Having said that, maybe if I used it for high speed gaming (which I don't) I would notice a difference. I guess some of the serious gamers out there will be able to comment.

  g0nvs 18:03 05 Jan 2006

Go with DVI, you may need to change your graphic card in the future and most cards these days have DVI connections. I can't see much diference with DVI on my LG 17" other than to say graphics are superb.

  redmark 19:34 05 Jan 2006

As I've read recently, most manufacturers have started using a different system to calculate the response time, which has the bonus for them of being able to claim 4ms-8ms for a monitor that previously would be rated at 16ms-25ms... Not sure it really matters though; I've also read that anything around 25ms or under is effectively good enough, depending on graphics cards, as the human eye isn't really capable of differentiating between 25ms and 8ms. Personally, I have no idea...

There's no point in NOT buying DVI now, as far as I can see. Using analogue output is forcing a digital graphics card to convert the signal to analogue (DA), to pass to a monitor that then converts back to a native digital display (AD). The DA-AD conversions inevitably lead to some (however tiny) degradation in quality and performance. DVI removes any conversion; digital-digital-digital.

PCW are selling a stunning-looking glass-panelled 19in Xerox XA7-192i for £240 at the moment; about £30-£40 cheaper than I can see it on the web. With a pair of 6600GTs (not exactly cutting edge) in SLi mode, Rome Total War is graphically stunning and lag-free with every setting at the highest quality possible, 1280x1024.

  caplock 14:25 06 Jan 2006

Thanks for the responses - much appreciated.

  rtstar 07:03 12 Jan 2006

Come with both analogue and dvi and 12ms response. Bought mine from http:click here and they have the Xerox screens as well, cheaper that PC world.

  rmcqua 11:36 12 Jan 2006

Although the Ag Nuevo is a bit cheaper than the Samsung 930BF, neither its response time nor contrast ratio are as good. If you can afford it, I would go for the Samsung.

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