TFT - 19" or 17" for 'multimedia'.

  genuinefake 20:34 21 Jul 2005

I'm wanting to buy a tft to replace or maybe coincide with my current crt. I am wondering whether i should buy a good quality 17" or a not very good quality 19". I do not want to go over £250.

I will be using the display fcr general multimedia purposes (Flash, director, dreamwaver etc).

Thank You.

(i am a student.)

  Forum Editor 23:03 21 Jul 2005

This should really be in ConsumerWatch instead of WebDesign, and I'll move it now.

Buy the best 17" TFT you can find for your money, rather than an inferior 19" model. The picture quality will depend to a certain extent on your graphics card - A TFT in DVI mode will produce a better picture than when it's in analogue mode.

  Busy 23:16 21 Jul 2005

Hmm buy a Viewsonic VX912 19"-superb.I paid about £300 6 months ago,do a Google search and you can get one for £250 t0 £280 I reckon-in fact here click here
that 2 inches makes quite a difference(ooer mrs)

  Kate B 23:31 21 Jul 2005

Remember though that the screen resolution is the same on both the 17" and the 19" monitors. I'd say go for a good 17" with DVI.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:07 22 Jul 2005

I have the Viewsonic 19" and you will not find better. I've used the DVI socket and it makes no difference whatsoever (emperor's+new+clothes).


  Stuartli 08:59 22 Jul 2005

Staples is advertising a Benq 19in in today's newspapers for under £200 - however I don't know how good it is or whether it has DVI.

  genuinefake 09:55 22 Jul 2005

i think i will go for a 17". I like the idea of being able to tilt and pivot the screen which i wouldnt find for a 19" at my price range.

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