tesco.com Sumpereme Service......

  Pilch.... 12:02 02 May 2003

Went yesterday to amazon.co.uk to look at a CD they had it in stock for £15. Anyhow my mate suggested using kelkoo.co.uk to find the cheapest prices on most things.

Anyhow tesco appeared at £12 with about £2 for delivery. So i placed the order and got an email through saying delivery will be 6th of delivery, which i thought not too bad seeing as we have a bank holiday weekend.

Anyhow i placed the order at about 1pm. woke up today and low and behold, my CD arrived.

How is that for service.

  toadoftoadhall 13:07 03 May 2003

I ordered a Gameboy from Tesco once. Was told it would be with me within a week which was great as it was a birthday present for my daughter about three weeks later.
Two weeks later, after regular phone calls, where each time I was promised I would have it the next day, they finally admitted they'd lost it and would put dispatch another immediately.
Ten days later, that hadnt arrived so I rang them, cancelled it and went down to the local Currys to buy one.

About two weeks after that, the replacement Tesco gameboy turned up on my doorstep.

The people I spoke to at Tesco customer service told me each time I rang that they had located the package and would ensure it was delivered pronto. Quite simply they were lying - they had no idea where it had gone and were fobbing me off. The disturbing thing was that it wasnt just one individual, it was each operator I spoke to, as if it was company policy.
They may offer the cheapest deals on some stuff but I'd not use them again.

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