Tesco Value Broadband

  uncle eric 07:31 24 Jan 2006

Tesco are offering their 'Value' branding (cheap range) for broadband.

Costs circa £14/month for 512k and 1GB limit per month. Seems only slighlty dearer than their dial up (£12.49/month).

Question about download limit, is 1GB enough for a PC illiterate user ?

How can I find out if this offering suits.

  rmcqua 07:59 24 Jan 2006

Not sure why anyone would want to choose this when several ISPs offer up to 2Mb for #14.99 per month with higher or unlimited download limits. However, for someone who doesn't do a lot of downloading, 1Gb should be fine (equates to roughly 300 music tracks, 2000 high quality graphics images).
Check this site for a comparison of some of the recent broadband offerings.
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  iscanut 08:31 24 Jan 2006

My ISP, Eclipse offers 2Mb speed with a cap of 1GB for £14.99 per month and as rmcqua suggests, there are many better offers than Tesco's. Do a serach of threads on Broadband ISPs and you will see what a choice there is out there.

  Stuartli 09:19 24 Jan 2006

Tesco isn't a true ISP, it's what's termed a Virtual ISP i.e. it uses an established ISP to provide its services (it's the same for its financial services in that a major bank operates them).

What you are considering is not value for money especially, as rmcqua rightly points out, 1MB unlimited, for instance, is readily available for £14.99 from true ISPs.

  spuds 10:18 24 Jan 2006

You will find that Tesco are offering this service through a third party, who are possibly offering the same package at a better service with a cheaper rate. Look elsewhere, there's stacks of better deals available.I use Tiscali, which I pay £17.99 per month, the same deal is now available for £14.99 with unlimited 2GB usage.

  Stuartli 11:52 24 Jan 2006

How do you work that one out?

  Arnie 13:58 24 Jan 2006

"Question about download limit, is 1GB enough for a PC illiterate user?"

Download limit tables.

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  Totally-braindead 18:48 24 Jan 2006

Its not a good deal, funny enough I was looking at it as well last week, I've got Tiscali 1 meg BB, thats twice the speed of Tesco Value and its unlimited for £14.99.

  ade.h 19:18 24 Jan 2006

That's a terrible deal. Most ISPs offer 2Mbits per sec for £15 with at the very least a 2Gbyte cap.

If you get less than 2Mbits, you're being short-changed because it's not the speed that costs ISPs, it's the data throughput. That's the way that BT Wholesale works these things and is why caps are now commonplace.

  ade.h 19:21 24 Jan 2006

Regarding caps and usage; it's very tricky to guesstimate your own future usage, unless you have some existing usage charts to go by. I would describe myself as a fairly average user - a lot of internet time, some site uploads, and a modest amount of file downloading - and that usally racks up 4 to 5GB per month. I have a 10GB cap.

  Stuartli 21:05 24 Jan 2006

I'd put myself in the same category being online virtually all day and, when on 2MB 2GB cap, I never exceeded the limit.

I've temporarily had to drop back to 1MB unlimited because of the usual Tiscali mess up but it's made little difference, even with Radio2 being streamed in as well...:-)

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