Tesco to sell Dell

  realist 19:20 22 Dec 2007

Tesco will sell Dell XPS and Inspiron pc's and laptops from January 08.

  SB23 19:30 22 Dec 2007

The trouble I had trying to return a faulty kettle was bad enough, certainly not going to get caught with a faulty pc or laptop.

As someone has already said, PcWorld is going to start selling them, and thats where I'll go.

  Totally-braindead 22:21 22 Dec 2007

Computers are not a simple item like a toaster or a TV so I like SB23 would prefer to buy from a computer retailer rather than a supermarket because lets face it they know nothing about computers.
Admitadly you can go into PCW and some of their staff in some branches can tell you a load of codswallop but at least they are a computer retailer.
I suppose its a good thing overall but I would imagine that if you have any bother with it you would have to go to Dell as I really can't see Tesco doing anything at all.

  Forum Editor 00:02 23 Dec 2007

have been selling computers for years, and Tesco has been selling them for quite a while, too.

They sell TVs, and they are electronic items; I don't hear or read of huge problems with customer service. Dell is one of the world's largest computer manufacturers, and their machines have an excellent reputation for reliability - I don't think there will be a huge problem here. I expect to see lots of Dell sales in Tesco branches.

  Stuartli 00:10 23 Dec 2007

My (very) occasional need to return items to Tesco has always revealed a level of customer service that some other retailers would do well to emulate.

  Crash 00:13 23 Dec 2007

I like the sound of dell + staff discount! U should have no problem returning a faulty pc as long as you keep your receipt and get the return authorisation code from the electrical helpline which is on the leaflet that is given to you when you buy the pc.

  anchor 10:32 23 Dec 2007

Like Stuartli, on the rare occasions I have had to return something to Tesco, I have found their customer service very good and my money was refunded immediately.

Unfortunately, PCW customer service, (according to reports), leaves something to be desired.

Once, over a completely different matter, I wrote to Sir Terry Leahy, (the CEO), and received a personal reply directly from him. I would have qualms in buying from Tesco.

  iscanut 10:32 23 Dec 2007

As FE says, they have been elling electronics for a long time. Have purchased TVs, DVD palyers, freeview box, digital camera etc and have never had any problems when thing have gone wrong. Customer service is excellent as Stuartli says.

  anchor 10:33 23 Dec 2007

I meant to say:

I would have NO qualms in buying from Tesco.

  David4637 14:46 23 Dec 2007

Tesco customer service would beat PCW any day of the week, and many other outlets too!

  SB23 15:13 23 Dec 2007

Don't get me wrong, Tesco's do sell some really well priced electrical appliances, but in my experience with the kettle, it just put me off buying anything else electrical from them.

I mean its swings and roundabouts, because I've had nothing but excellent service from PCWorld.

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