Tesco no longer stocking computer magazines

  ray64 11:34 07 Mar 2008

My local branch of Tesco (Stratford road Hall green Birmingham) has removed ALL of its computer magazines off its shelves!
I telephoned their customer services to try and find out why and they have told me that they had reduced the display size to accomodate a new donut display!
There is plenty of room in the shop to accomodate this display elsewhere so I find it bizarre that they have made this move - anybody else experiencing this odd (and inconvenient - as I will now have to travel two more miles to buy my other pc mags)behaviour.
Tesco if you are listening - you really know how to p**s off your customers!
Thank goodness for PCadvisor subscriptions!

  Covergirl 12:17 07 Mar 2008

Tescos are notoriously bad for their display of stock. Like, they don't take any care - if a can or pack of cans gets bent - so what ?

Especially annoying is their propensity to remove all stock off the shelves to feed customers internet orders, so don't expect to find any special offers left when you do your "big shop"!

I was in our local branch on Monday and all computer magazines were there. Donuts ! Pah ! LAck of consideration for their customers. Nuff said !

  wee eddie 12:20 07 Mar 2008

anyway Tesco's only stocked the DVD Version which is wasted on me.

  Totally-braindead 12:25 07 Mar 2008

I'm with wee eddie on this I buy from my local newsagent as well. I'm not interested in the DVD version so Tescos a no no for me.

  Crash 13:55 07 Mar 2008

If you go into customer services and ask for a comment card you can ask for them to bring them back in (give them a specific magazine) and they will have to reply to you within 48 hours. Usually if they can source them they will bring them back in

  grumpygramp 14:34 07 Mar 2008

I buy my groceries from Tesco online and very rarely have any problem .If you actually shop in store I find they have a nasty habit of moving things round so you have job to find them .As far as a delivery charge is concerned this is usually cancelled out by the BOGOF offers we buy .Magazines as far as possible are subscribed to so that we get them through the post at a cheaper rate.

  tillybaby 15:20 07 Mar 2008

I work for Tesco Express and we still stock the same amount of computer mags that we always have, having said that our bakery dept. is on the opposite side of the shop to the magazines and also we don't stock the vast choice of donuts that the larger Tescos do.

  PalaeoBill 15:52 07 Mar 2008

I remember when they used to sell food; they had lots of it and stacked it high. It didn't matter what time of day or how busy they were, they actually had some on the shelves. Now, I am regularly greeted by an empty space on the shelf where the food should be but isn't. Often its because they have been running a 3 for 2 or buy one get one free and didn't order enough stock. Mostly is because the shelf space isn't big enough and they can't restock it fast enough.

I appreciate that I could buy a TV, DVD player, clothes and a whole bunch of other stuff but I'm not sure it's worth the sacrifice. I would use the local shop but we don't have one anymore. Tesco killed it.

  gazzaho 16:16 07 Mar 2008

It's like everything at Tescos, if their name isn't on it they won't stock it! My local Tescos doesn't know what brand name goods are, you can't find a packet of McVities Digestive for love nor money in their store, but you can get any amount of their own sub-standard brand.

  spuds 18:29 07 Mar 2008

Perhaps a profit and space loser to the particular store, hence removal. Our local Tesco still hold a good range of all types of magazines, including computer types.

gazzaho. McVities Digestives might be own brand Tesco, and possibly from the same source, but a little cheaper!.

  Kaacee 21:05 07 Mar 2008

I no longer shop at Tesco's due to their non existent customer service, now Morrison's are a different outfit altogether, staff go out of their way to help you and prices now equal to Tesco's on most brand name goods.

Only problem is, Morrison's now busy and car park full most of the time, unlike Tesco's where you can park in the vast open spaces that they now experience due to abysmal customer service.

Rant over

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