Tesco laptop bargains?

  blueser 19:01 18 Aug 2007

I am thinking about buying a laptop..Tesco seem to have the usual stock that was say state of the art 18 months ago..but now? Anyway , opinions welcomed esp wrt processors and Vista? how well will these PCs cope?I want to use the internet..a bit of admin..not really a gamer..silver surfer.
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  spuds 20:47 18 Aug 2007

Remember that Tesco are not computer literate like PC World, so any advice from Tesco will be limited. Service warranty and support is another issue, Tesco will rely on third parties, usually the manufacturer.Acer and Gateway are the usual laptops Tesco stock, with various discounts being offered, depending on stock movement.

  cream. 22:02 18 Aug 2007

This, in my view, is the pick of the crop. click here. This one will perform really well for you.

I wouldn't touch the celeron or sempron ones.

  purpleconger 15:20 24 Feb 2008

Fuiitsu-Siemens Amilo 2515 currently being sold at £399 is not quite the same as the machine on the FS website. No software (Works), no back up disks or modem cable.
The lack of technical information at Tesco’s might make you reply on the maker’s website description.
But it’s not the same thing. Best check exactly what you are getting, although I doubt anyone in the store will be able to tell you! Looks like a good machine however.

  Gustavo K 05:20 19 Dec 2009

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  Kevscar1 08:20 19 Dec 2009

Why do you assume that nobody working in Tesco knows anything about computers.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:34 19 Dec 2009

Let's be sensible about this....

'No software (Works'..Open Office is free and 100x better.

'no back up disks'..most computers do not have back up disks. You are prompted to make one using 2 DVDs (10p each).

'no modem cable'...ye Gods, I'm sure at least one friend will have one as the world and his dog seem to be on wireless.

'The lack of technical information at Tesco’s might make you reply on the maker’s website description'..anyone not taking some self-responsibility and doing their homework prior to buying anything deserves all they get. There is comprehensive information available on t'Internet, more comprehensive than any assistant.


  iscanut 10:44 19 Dec 2009

"Remember that Tesco are not computer literate like PC World".....!!!!!! some might disagree !!!

  Mi Casa 18:53 19 Dec 2009

It's interesting to note that seasoned forum commentators are responding to a request for laptop buying advice posted well over two years ago :-)

  Hercule Marple 19:33 19 Dec 2009

Well, maybe it's been a bit quiet lately, and they need the practice.

  mistergrumpy 10:31 24 Sep 2010

I personally will never ever again buy anything other than food or household consumables from Tesco.
I paid £400 for a Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop which developed problems during the first couple of months requiring reformatting to put it right.
However one problem could not be solved by this and though minor is annoying.
I took the thing back to the shop I purchased it from expecting the 15 month guarantee to be honoured. No such luck, I'd had the PC for over 30 days and the no quibble return was up.
After demanding to see a Supervisor or Manager I was totally ignored by the staff.
I gave up trying to get satisfaction by phoning etc. I was on medication for depression and this didn't help my resolve.
I am about to buy a laptop for my Granddaughter but it certainly won't be from Tesco.
Although there is a Tesco store a mile from me I shop elsewhere, it costs more in fuel to get there but the shopping bill is cheaper.

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