Tesco Internet Security Software

  Pine Man 16:31 23 Nov 2006

For the last (it seems like a) million years I have been using Norton Internet Security and decided to have a change. I know that there are lots of freebies but I prefer the suites as it's all in one box, updates are easier and there are no problems with compatibility of security programs.

So I bought Tesco Internet Security at £19.97.
What a very pleasant surprise. It's Panda Platinum in a different box and half the price. An absolute doddle to install and it does virtually everything that the latest 'big money' suites do but with less fuss. Everyday it updates itself and so far it has correctly identified more spam and similar security issues that Norton and some of the spyware progs found and one or two more.

A really BIG bonus is the support. I had a minor problem early on which I notified by email and within a couple of hours had a response identifying the problem and sending me the software (as an attachment) and simple instructions which cured the fault that had been caused by Norton refusing to let go!

A bargain and you can get it while you are doing the weekly shopping!

  €dstowe 16:46 23 Nov 2006

That's nice to know - I hope it's taken up by loads of Tesco shoppers.

  Kate A 16:57 23 Nov 2006

You don't happen to work for Tesco do you?

  terryf 17:12 23 Nov 2006

It is all right for those who shop at the favoured Tesco sites, it would need a 60 mile round trip for me to buy it, I wonder why they don't sell on their website?

  goodgrief 01:40 24 Nov 2006

I took the security package from Tesco and within 24 hours I had over 200 viruses, worms trojans, you name it, infecting my PC. It is now completely locked up and useless. The security package only detected one virus which it couldn't disinfect and told me it was alright to carry on! The PC shut down so fast I was unable to download the software to fix it in time.
So far the attitude from their helpline is - TOUGH SH*T! IT'S YOUR PROBLEM NOW NOT OURS. Don't you just love it when companies are quick to relieve of you of your cash for a service they have no intention of providing.

  Salut 09:07 24 Nov 2006

Why pay? There is a huge range of free software that will secure your systems-go to Helproom and check them out. There are many users out there who will give advice too!

  gudgulf 09:33 24 Nov 2006

"within 24 hours I had over 200 viruses, worms trojans, you name it, infecting my PC. It is now completely locked up and useless."

How do you know this if the Tesco suite was installed as your protection and only picked up one virus?

Have you tried booting the locked pc into Safe Mode and using System Restore to go back to before the Tesco Suite was installed?

  Pine Man 11:40 24 Nov 2006

I certainly don't work for Tesco's. In fact I rarely shop there. It's usually M&S or Sainsburys but as yet neither sell computer software!

I am not for a minute suggesting that you are exaggerating the response from Tesco's but it is the complete opposite of the response that I got and the product seems to work equally as well as, if not better than, Norton Internet Security.

Salut - I agree there are lots of programs to help secure PC's that are free but I, like many, prefer suites, which at the moment are not free.

Just as a matter of interest Panda Platinum, which is what TIS really is, is rated by most of the magazines as being up there with the other big names.

Luckily we all still have a choice!

  Pine Man 15:10 27 Nov 2006

Tesco software goes on sale online at the end of this week.

  Forum Editor 17:25 27 Nov 2006

So, you're not connected with Tesco in any way then?

  Pine Man 19:10 27 Nov 2006

Retired from public service 5 years ago but still trying to provide the public (forum) with good advice!!!

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