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  Lasseter 20:22 09 Jan 2003
  Lasseter 20:22 09 Jan 2003

I ordered a Philips DVD-Recorder from Tesco Home Shopping website as a family Christmas gift on 07/12/2002. I was given an estimated date of delivery of 18/12/2002. They supposedly do not take payment until the day goods are dispatched.

On checking my credit card statement online, I saw that payment was taken on 12/12/2002. I was rather pleased with that at the time because that means I should have the recorder before Christmas. Afterall, the small print did state that it usually take 5-7 working days for delivery although it may take up to 30 days which was (according to the small prints) is the exception rather than the norm.

18/12/2002 came and by 6 pm there was no sign of any delivery man. I telephoned their customer service line and was told that the recorder was definitely in the hands of the delivery man and shoudld be with me in the next two days max.

19/12/2002 came and went. 20/12/2002 came and went. On 20/12/12 Friday) I telephoned again at around 6 pm and this time I was told that I will definitely NOT be getting the recorder in the next couple of days because it was the weekend. VERY HELPFUL information.

23/12/2002 (Monday) came and went, 24/12/2002 came and went. Still no sign of the recorded which I had paid for.

25/12/2002 - No Christmas present for the family!
Had to console ourselves with a pack of DVD media which was also bought online but which arrived just 2 days after it was ordered.

26/12/2002 Sent off two letters to two different addresses I found on Tesco website. As of today, I do not have any replies to them.

26/12/2002 I also sent off an email to them (Tesco) from their "Contact Us" page. Never got any replies neither.

Then I found an email address and sent them an email direct from Outlook Express. The next day, I receiced a reply. A rather curt one at that. It was to acknowledged that they have received my complaints and are disappointed that I should have cause for complaints (their words) and my money will be refunded as soon as they finished their enquiry. That was on the 28/12/2002.

07/01/2002 I sent them another email asking when I shall get my refund and again I received the dame reply. There was no indication at all as to when I shall see my monwy again. Afterall, £398.99 is not exactly a tiny amount and they have had my money for over four weeks now.

I cannot seem to get anywhere or at least get a straight answer from them.

What are my options? presuming I have any?

Sorry for rabbling on like that.

  Lasseter 20:26 09 Jan 2003

Please pardon my typing!! Should have checked before posting.

  accord 20:43 09 Jan 2003

usually when you buy somehting on the net you get an email confirmation stating order no etc tec and it should have contact details on there aswell.

if that is not the case, phone your credit card people and see what they can do

  Forum Editor 20:54 09 Jan 2003

let me say that this is a fine example of how to poast a complaint thread. You have given us the facts in easy-to-read chunks, and you've ordered the events chronologically - congratulations, you get the virtual FE order of merit.

None of which helps to resolve the problem.

This is without doubt the single most irritating problem with online ordering, and we get it (in various forms) an awful lot - not in respect of Tesco I hasten to add, but generally. There's that lost feeling as you realise that you have no contact with a human being whatsoever, and it's wrong. The first company to get to grips with this in a serious way will clean up. That's a signal for a batch of posts telling us that there are good companies out there, but please don't post those messages - we know there are excellent suppliers. There are a lot that fall down badly however, and here's an example of it.

What you need is information - you're perfectly entitled to cancel the order, and you should have your money quickly. This isn't rocket science, it's what computer systems are good at, and Tesco would do a lot to enhance their image if they reacted very quickly now.

There must be, amongst our huge number of forum users, someone who works for Tesco. Please do your company a favour,and pass this information to the appropriate person/department.

We'll liaise with Lasseter to make sure the company knows who he/she is if they would care to post a response in this thread. All we need is a name and an email address from you Tesco.

  Forum Editor 20:55 09 Jan 2003

is that what you do with tost? Sorry.

  spuds 21:54 09 Jan 2003

I had a similar problem with Tesco's, and non helpfull reply to my correspondence and bad contact information etc, etc. I eventually found a easy route to solve the problem, which may help solve your problem.I visited the local Tesco stores customer services, and explained my concern. The store phoned their head office, in my presense,and everything was sorted out very quickly to my satisfaction.Possibly worth trying this route.

  Tankus 22:09 09 Jan 2003

Anybody bought any grub on-line and had it delivered .....Whats the service like ...anygood ?

  Eagle Eyed Cherry 23:08 09 Jan 2003

Yes..Ive bought food online. The only gripe I have with tesco's is that, lets say for example I order 5KG of King Eddies spuds.....If they are out of stock they have in the past sent me Birds Eye Potato Waffles as a substitue ;-)

  Lasseter 23:46 09 Jan 2003

If they had at least sent me some Birds Eye Waffles, I might not be so annoyed, could have had them for our Christmas dinner ;-)

The nearest Tesco is 30 miles away (as the crow flys) and involves a ferry crossing or a 145 miles round trip to Glasgow. And I have on previous occasions had to use the customer desk at that store and believe me, they are not the most helpful lot, much like their online counterparts actually.

  any 00:02 10 Jan 2003

Hi - I'd just like to add another gripe about Tesco. Before Christmas I spent hours compiling an order online for all my Christmas groceries, including many of the special offers being advertised eg buy one, get one free or buy three at reduced price.

However when I got to checkout I found that I had been charged the full price. I sent an email to the address on the site - got the acknowledgement that they would respond eventually but must appreciate they are very busy at this time.

Well I eventually got a response - about 2 weeks later - after Christmas - telling me my software must be out of date and to load the most up to date version of internet explorer. No my family didn't go hungry on Christmas Day - I drove to the local store and got it there (including the special offers charged correctly)

What a load of rubbish about my software.
Anyway over Christmas I upgraded from 98 to XP so had the latest software. Tried again but the same thing happened - so called special offers weren't charged that way at checkout.

I wonder how many regular customers don't realise they are being conned because they don't check their bills.

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