tobykim 23:41 08 Apr 2004

I thought I'd share my experiences of ordering on line with Tesco, I ordered a pair of speakers about 5 weeks ago,they arrived, no sound out of one, phoned and they arranged to collect them, courier called, left proof of collection (thank goodness)still no credit I am then told it takes up to 4 weeks for a returned item to appear on their system. Next thing after 4 weeks no refund, parcel has gone astray, I am asked to send a copy of my proof of return, 1 week goes by still no refund, I am then told it takes 2 weeks for mail to appear on their system. Never again I have never known anything so slow in my life I don't know what system they use but the word snail springs to mind!

  spuds 02:26 09 Apr 2004

Taken from forum search click here click here

  tobykim 13:23 09 Apr 2004

I think they've lost a customer here, I should have realised before I ordered as my daughter had ordered some flowers for me for Xams they arrived ok but the card read to someboady we had never heard of and from somebody we had never heard of, she complained but didn't even get an apology just that they were too busy and mistakes would happen, considering they make such a big deal about customer service I'm not very impressed

  €dstowe 13:38 09 Apr 2004

I don't buy my baked beans from Dixons. I wouldn't buy my speakers from Tesco.

  claret nige 14:16 09 Apr 2004

no problem with tesco here just a bit of a hicup now and again when 70 cl spirits subsituted for 1 litre bottle.......... really good friendley service a god send when were on holiday and shop on line have it all delivered when we get home save all that rushing arround when unpacked suitcases

  Stuartli 14:31 09 Apr 2004

But you would be able to get your baked beans cheaper from Dixons with a voucher cut from that day's newspaper....

  tobykim 14:40 09 Apr 2004

Maybe you wouldn't buy beans from Dixons, but there we are, sarcasm isn't very clever, I understood this was a forum to help people and to pass on experiences with various companies I didn't understand that it was here for people to make smart remarks

  €dstowe 15:19 09 Apr 2004

My remark was intended to convey my thoughts on the wisdom of purchasing rather specialised equipment from a company whose main business is in the supply of groceries and ancilliary items.

Whatever Tesco may claim, I am doubtful that they have the necessary expertise in these items when compared, say, with a more specialised outlet. Perhaps Dixons was not the best example of an expert company.

  bremner 16:02 09 Apr 2004

I for one did not take Edstowe's comment as a "smart remark" but as an astute comment which hit the nail on the head.

  tobykim 16:28 09 Apr 2004

Maybe but when you are a novice or are new to using the forum it tends to put you off when you get replies like this

  tobykim 16:34 09 Apr 2004

Also the point of the thread was to point out that Tesco's return and refund procedures are very poor

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