Telephone & Internet Scam

  AlanHo 15:16 07 Jul 2010

I just received a phone call from someone who I guess was in India who told me that they were a Microsoft Support Agency and had detected a serious fault on my computer.

I realised at once that it was a start of some sort of scam - but decided that I would go along and see where he wanted to lead me out of curiosity.

I must admit the devil in me rose to the surface and for more than 30 minutes I played dumb and got him to repeat every instruction several times - made numerous "mistakes", had difficulty finding tabs, buttons etc and could detect he was getting exasperated by my slowness.

He got me to navigate to event viewer, then filtered it to Errors and Warnings and assured me that the display of errors and warnings was what they had detected and were caused by a strong virus that my virus programme could not put right.

I thanked him for his kind assistance and told him that I would download and run several internet based malware scanners and cure the problem myself.

You could hear the panic in his voice and he appealed to me to let their programme do it. I told him that I suspected that he wasn't real and it was some sort of scam and only relented when he promised that there was no money involved and if I opened their website I would be able to see they were genuine.

He asked me to use Google and enter Teamviewer in the search box - which of course opened to the web page of TeamViewer who sell software that enables remote control of your computer. He asked me to click on the button for "Join a session" and download their programme to enable him to fix my problem.

More than 45 minutes had now elapsed and I thanked him for his trouble - told him I had bookmarked "their" site and would do it later when I had more time. I do believe he swore at me in some foreign tongue.

I feel sorry for these guys who are trying to earn a living in the developing countries - but I draw the line at them doing it at my expense.

I assume that TeamViewer is actually a genuine programme being hijacked by scumbags to gain access to your computer.

You can see how the less computer savvy can get suckered by these scallywags.

  onthelimit 15:20 07 Jul 2010

Teamviewer is a great (and free) programme for remote control - I use it frequently to help my brother out. BUT, of course, it would not be wise to let anyone else loose on your PC.

  tullie 16:19 07 Jul 2010

They arent hijacking team viewer,they need your permission to access.

  AlanHo 16:54 07 Jul 2010

I never got that far - because I then knew where it was going.

  onthelimit 17:01 07 Jul 2010

I appreciate that, but once permission has been given (which is what they were trying to do).................!

  Naomi10 12:59 09 Jul 2010

I have been taken in by a company called Richtek. They telephoned me to say that my computer was in danger of crashing. They said they were from Microsoft and they had my computer number, which is disturbing. I foolishly paid them. Anyway I have reported it to all the necessary organisations but am now concerned that they can get into my computer without my consent.

The money was paid (via Paypal) to Richland e-Solutions and if you look at their web address it says (this site may harm your computer).

  KremmenUK 13:14 09 Jul 2010

Oh - I so want a phone call so I can wind them up as well :)

Not had one for ages now. Last one I had was from a cold call conservatory firm who I had on the go for about 20 minutes before telling him I lived on the tenth floor of a block of flats - he wasn't happy.

  pcohen 07:02 23 Jul 2010

I recieved a phone call at 6pm on thursday 22nd July from a guy who said he was in Sydney, Claiming he was with Microsoft and that my computer was in danger of crashing...Not being a computer person I believed everything he said, it seemed so convincing. I paid for 6 months (via Paypal) and was put on a chat line with Eric a after a download fail we were cut off and I haven't heard from him since. I have emailed them 6 times and tried phoning as well....Can't believe I was so stupid..I am like Naomi10 above, worried that they can get into my computer without my consent, could this happen

  michaelw 08:56 23 Jul 2010

If this is qenuine then the answer is yes. I should cancel all your cc cards, change all your passwords etc. Then format and reinstall your os. He probably got you to allow remote assistance access so got all the data he wanted.

  qbie 21:47 23 Jul 2010

Luckily you paid via paypal, so the other party doesn't have your credit card into - well, they didn't get it through paypal at any rate.

I would use paypals dispute process to try and get your money back! They should be able to help you.

  ronalddonald 07:11 26 Jul 2010

When i get the telephone calls like that i tell them im using a new type of operating system called Super made by a company called revelations of IT, they get dumb founded since they Havant heard of them and im not using Mirosoft, works every time

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