SOUNDFADER 10:53 05 Jun 2009

well i thought i'd write in and tell you of my experience with bt broadbrand, i had decided to sign up with bt broadband with home hub etc, so i rang them and said i wanted option three up to 8mb unlimited use, so booked in a time for line to be put in, a day later got the hub and phone, plugged it in, installed all the software etc, up to this point i was expecting the promised high speed broadband that bt boast about. however after doing three different tests on the connection at three different times of the day i was let down badly, the actual best speed i got was1.76mb download and 274k upload, this was no way good enough for my xbox and laptop etc, so i rang bt and complained they insisted i knew the speeds before install but i said thats not possible as you need a bt line to check for estimated speeds which i didnt have. after 45 mins arguing technical issues with a team leader and supervisor i finally got them to cancel the whole thing. basically if you live more than a mile from your local bt exchange dont bother having bt broadbrand its rubbish, and you'll end up being driven mad by bt staff. bt are supposed to be the leader in the uk for telecommunications but trust me they are far from it. i since have joined virgin got cable broadband great speeds im on 50mb connection i now get 45.6mb download and 2.3mb upload, now all my friends let me host all xboxgames. virgin you are awesome and deliver a great product....

  Clapton is God 12:03 05 Jun 2009

You've already had this rant in your other pointless thread click here

  SOUNDFADER 14:16 05 Jun 2009

actually my threads are not pointless people need to know whats going on, why bother reading them if you think their pointless. you obviuosly have too much spare time on your hands

  Clapton is God 14:24 05 Jun 2009

That's the second time you've been rude and facetious to me in both of your (duplicated) threads.

Have you actually bothered to read the Forum rules?

  SOUNDFADER 14:29 05 Jun 2009

rude and facetious what are you on about, i havent said one rude thing to you, if you dont like what i write then go away and read some other threads im not getting into a argument with you, like everyone else i have the freedom to express my opinions on either evidence or past experiences with companies or individuals, i know the forum rules thankyou.

  natdoor 15:11 05 Jun 2009

There has surely been enough coverage of the inverse correlation between distance from exchange and speed for telephone broadband. There will be some significnt improvements when BT complete their programme of running fibre optics to local cabins.

If speed is important and one has the opportunity to use Virgin I ould have thought that was a no-brainer. I think that criticism of BT in the circumstances is unjustified.

  Forum Editor 16:35 05 Jun 2009

in different forum areas - you already have this thread running in the Helproom.

In addition, please read our forum rules - we don't tolerate rudeness directed at other forum users.

  john bunyan 16:40 05 Jun 2009

Capital letters in your thread heading is akin to shouting, so some may object. I can reccomend a good book, by Lynn Truss : " Eats ,Shoots and Leaves" - great for punctuation etc. I was offered Virgin cable but then they found I live about 150 metres off the main road, so they withdrew their offer of free cabling.I thought the 50 Mb was very expensive - £50 a month? If I could get half that speeed for half the price, maybe I'd be interested.

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