Tefal ActiFry Poor Quality

  250diesel 11:17 30 Aug 2011

Just a word of warning for anybody thinking of purchasing a Tefal ActiFry.

The materials used in this product do not seem to be 'suitable for purpose'.

Owned mine for 10 months and lid retaining lugs snapped off. After 13 months 'stirrer' paddle snapped off. Despite repeated emails to Tefal regarding both these problems no answers received, not even acknowledgements.

Web search revealed these are common problems - Amazon site full of complaints.

Also timer isn't really a timer - just an audible indicator (not very loud) that set time is up - product still keeps on running.

  woodchip 11:52 30 Aug 2011

There was a Program on TV a while back about them catching fire when the Fan stops working

  henbroon6 08:09 31 Aug 2011

You should have taken the fryer back after the lugs snapped off, I did this at about the same age of fryer and Argos supplied a new one no problem. I agree they are poor quality but they are great for cooking and frying.

  250diesel 09:59 01 Sep 2011


That just proves my point about the quality, as you are yet another one with the problem of snapped off lid lugs. Nothing so basic should go wrong with-in such a short time.

No so easy to 'take it back' if you've purchased on line and the supplier insists on the complete item being returned - just for the sake of a flimsy plastic lid. Then they quote 'misuse' (which you cannot disprove) as the reason for the failure, despite how many other examples of the same fault you quote.

As for the quality of the food - OK, not bad - until you compare it to food done in the Philips AirFryer, which not only does a wider range of cooking jobs, quicker and with even less oil (in lots of cases none) but also has a 'no quibble' 2 year guarantee.

  JoeC 19:52 01 Sep 2011

I bought one of these from Amazon and was over the moon with it. It does a lot of jobs with very little oil - and if you are going to do frozen chips in it you don't use any oil at all since frozen chips are pre cooked in oil. I had it for a while (over a year) and the motor blew up. I contacted Amazon who quoted the 1 year guarantee. I then phoned Tefal themselves and quoted the Sale of Goods Act to them. They sent me a brand new one and I sent the old one back to them in the box with a prepaid label. I am still over the moon with it! Lots of people think you just do chuiips in them but it is a lot more versatile than that. I would recommend them (apart from the price)even though it is basically a glorified hairdryer.

  sunnystaines 08:03 03 Sep 2011

tefal are no longer the good quality products they used to be. been disappointed with thier products of late. not sure if its down to moving production to china or not.

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