Teching up - which direction?

  troggie3 19:11 01 Mar 2009

Hi All. I see there are many experts here so I thought I'd put a challenge out there. Well at least it's a challenge to me and i'd love some of your help/advice. So here goes.

I am self employed (only me) in London, UK and work in the property business, lettings and management; working at home and out on the road between properties. I have recently got a BlackBerry Curve through Orange to make life easier. I'm still working on migrating info over to my BB (having probs sycning with Outlook) and to be honest i'm up for making some changes to my current set-up to keep up with technology and be more efficient.

Here is a summary of what I have/use now:

Toshiba Satalite Pro with XP intel 1.86GHz 504MB
New BlackBerry 8900 Curve set up to receive my emails
Outlook 2003 without exchange server. I use this for contacts, calendar and all emails. Paying £1.50 p/mth
Own website with 2 emails which feed into my Outlook 2003.
Broadband with BT which has passed its tie in period.
My personal email is with
My work email is through my website.

Do you have any recommendations for making things simpler, smoother for me? I'd love to make the most of my BB but not sure what is best? Ive also considered getting a Mac laptop.

I’ve read that synching Outlook with BlackBerry is problematic and I’d be better off switching to gmail and google calendar but I’m unsure what would be involved changing from outlook with my emails to gmail and google calendar or how to do it easily if I did.

I know this type of general question can be difficult to answer without more info but any thoughts on how I can get smarter would be really appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

  Woolwell 10:31 02 Mar 2009

My job is with property management and I consider that a good, reliable smartphone is essential. I sync mine with Outlook and keep all of my appointments and contacts updated between the home system and phone.

I am not familiar with the Blackberry so cannot comment on it.
IMO your laptop would benefit from an increase in RAM.
Why are you paying £1.50 per month for Outlook?
For e-mail I use IMAP rather than POP as I find it easier to have e-mails synced on the phone and Outlook.

It may be worthwhile investigating mobile broadband.

  troggie3 09:35 04 Mar 2009

Cheers Woolwell for that.
Yes, now you ask I wonder why i'm paying £1.50 per month. I set it up many years ago and i had to to get my bt email and hotmail into outlook. Things have prob changed now so i'll aim to change that.
Yes my laptop is about 5 years old now. i was thinking i'd need to just get a new one. I don't know about adding RAM. I've recently taken off AVG virus software and an internet security software as it was running so slow, taking 15mins to boot up to point where i can send email. now i only have MS defender and firewall.
I get internet on my blackberry and orange have offered me home broadband. i already have broadband at home. What did you mean by mobile broadband.
Well cheers for your feedback.

  Woolwell 15:50 04 Mar 2009

I would not have taken AVG off as you are really without an anti-virus. Upping the RAM is a cheap way of improving your laptop but being 5 years old it may be time to change. Get one with at least 2GB of RAM if you can.

Mobile broadband will allow you to get broadband on your laptop whilst on the move.

I would want to compare prices before going down the Orange route. I am with Orange myself and subscribe to their data download package and get broadband at home as an add-on. But I think that there may be better and cheaper options available.

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