kulaks 15:30 14 Aug 2010

I sent by sony vaio laptop off for repair by techguys for a set fee of £229. They phoned me yesterday after two weeks and said it was ready for collection. Went there this morning to collect it and turned it on only to find they had broken something else on it. They said somebody should have turned it on before they called me to check it, but couldn't tell me why nobody bothered.

I didn't want them to send it off again as I have lost all faith in their work, but they refused to refund my money as they said they had done work on the laptop so I did't qualify for a refund. They now have my laptop which they have broken and my money. Called their customer service department who basically told me there was nothing I could do but let them send it off again for another two weeks, or collect a broken laptop and be £229 out of pocket.

Absolutely disgusting and legally I really don't know where I stand. Any ideas would be gratefully received I feel really upset and angry at the way I have been treated by this company.

  Forum Editor 18:27 14 Aug 2010

The company agreed to effect a repair for an agreed sum, and that work has been done - at least I assume it has, you haven't indicated otherwise. So far, so good - you have paid for the work, and it's been carried out.

When you went to collect the machine you discovered that "they had broken something else on it", but you don't say what it was. It's pretty important that you tell us that.

The company has what is called 'a duty of care' which means it must take all reasonable steps to ensure that it doesn't damage your property while it's undergoing repairs. It may be the case that the company has failed in its duty of care, and in such circumstances you are quite entitled to seek redress. What form that takes is subject to agreement, and depends on the type of damage that occurred.

Tells us more about that, and we'll try to advise further.

  Big L 266 18:38 14 Aug 2010

Hello kulaks.

I too would be disgusted and having dealt with this bunch on a similar thing two years,I certainly would direct you to do the following;-

As you've found out their customer care is non-existant.I would suggest you click on the following link which will take you to Consumer Direct.

click here

You will find it easy to follow and there is a really useful page about how to complain about goods after you've bought them. As you've already given this bunch ample opportunity to put right a problem which they refuse to do,I would also ring up Consumer Direct and make a formal complaint to them directly and ask for their intervention.

Also,if you paid for your computer via a Credit Card,it may well also be worth contacting them about this event. The credit card firms are very good at dealing with people like this lot.

I know from experience PC World ignore letters and emails sent to them and never respond to any complaints anyway.There is also no point in complaining in-store to a manager as they run and hide away from customers with complaints.

There are many things you can do to bring this bunch to heel.I wish you success and hope you'll get all your money back to spend elsewhere with a company that has a better service record than this lot.

All the very best.

Big L 266

  rdave13 19:05 14 Aug 2010

Respectfully your case might be different even though you sound as you resolved yours. Might be better if you leave FE and kulaks to at least print out all the facts first before charging in.
I'm always interested in these type of complaints and how they can be eventually resolved in a reasonable manner between the company and customer.
If that fails then other methods come in to play.

  kulaks 19:15 14 Aug 2010

Thanks for the response, the laptop was put in for a new screen as there were lines running down the right hand side of it and also to replace two keys which had dropped off. When I turned the laptop on in the store to test it, the screen started flickering on and off and then it went really dark.

They all stood round staring at it like they didn't know what to do or say and then announced it had to go back again, as there was a new fault. There supposed instore expert said the backlight had gone and this was nothing to do with the screen they had changed.

  octal 20:06 14 Aug 2010

Before you start running around in circles, have a word with Trading Standards. It seems to come to the point it's their word against yours saying the problem with the screen is a new fault. It sounds like it's possible it might be a service induced fault rather than a new fault as such.

  joka007 21:50 14 Aug 2010

hi, first of all o/p it is sad and i can only symphasise that its not acceptable, your contract was to repair it and i can feel your frustration.
before you go to any solicitors, or traiding standards or anything higher, even if you even manage to speak to the ceo of dsgi at this moment all you will get is an apology and a reassurance that it will be rectified. if you speak to traiding standards they will not advise you to demand a refund, because a repair has been carried out but a mistake has been made that its been delivered in that state. i can understand how anoying it can be but you will have to give the company a chance to rectify the damage that has been caused. after giving them a chance, if it goes tits up, that point i would be enclined to damage compensation etc.

  joka007 21:52 14 Aug 2010

i mean demand compensation... the fix price turn around is 28 days. but because a new scren has been fitted you may get a partial compensation ??

  lotvic 23:59 14 Aug 2010

Do as Big L 266 said and consult and be guided by Consumer Direct

They sorted my problem out pronto.

  Big L 266 08:28 15 Aug 2010


rdave13....PC World isn't a reasonable company.If it were,it would have dealt with kulaks problem in a professional and honourable way.I believe the way forward for kulaks is to deal with PC World through his credit card firm,or Trading Standards,or Consumer Direct.I stick by this principle to save kulaks writing endless letters or emails,or making pointless calls.I do know what I'm talking about having dealt not only with PC World but others whose uselessness and incompetence is insufferable and intolerable.I always complain about shoddy goods,shoddy aftercare services and general apathy of firms who think they can get one over on me.I believe there are many threads about PC World in here worthy of a read.

joka007....I went down that route of contacting the CEO of DSG via a personal letter sent by Special Delivery....2 years on I'm awaiting a reply.Unlike you,I do not make assumptions about Trading Standards or their advice.I know for certain if there is a good enough case,they will take it up,as will a credit card firm. I always save solicitor actions as a last resort as I do with contacting the local newspapers.I don't take 'prisoners' so to speak as many companies have found to their cost.

rdave13....I still wish you every success in getting a defining outcome to your problem.It may take a while,but its amazing what can happen when outside organisations like Consumer Direct, Trading Standards and C.A.B.become involved.The same goes for your credit card firm.

Big L 266

  spuds 14:53 15 Aug 2010

It wasn't all that long ago when the CEO of DSG was telling the public about big alterations and improvements, especially on better customer service.

Makes you wonder how a CEO can state one thing, yet the staff seemingly do another.

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